Barrier – dream interpretation

Barriers can be found everywhere in everyday life. Often a barrier is a physical obstacle, such as a wall, barrier, wall or locked door, that blocks someone’s path and prevents them from moving in a certain direction or entering a room. Such barriers are usually opaque, but transparent glass doors are recommended for shops, for example.

For a person in a ramp or a non-existent elevator, for example to block their access to a building.

But a barrier does not always have to be of a material nature: for example, there are also language barriers between people with different mother tongues and learned foreign languages ​​who cannot find a common language to communicate with. Social barriers could also arise, for example when it comes to the advancement of people from lower social classes.

All of these types of barriers are characterized by the fact that they block the path of one or more people and thus restrict their freedom of action and movement. A barrier can be placed as an obstacle either consciously or subconsciously over time, for example through established habits.

Probably every person has faced a barrier or obstacle in their life that blocks their path. This fact and the diverse manifestations of a barrier mean that it is also a common element in dreams. In addition, thousands of years ago, the first humans had to deal with barriers, such as high mountains, the ocean, or a wide river with a strong current.

Dream symbol “barrier” – the general interpretation

If you want to interpret your dream about a barrier, then you should first consider what type of barrier played a role in your dream. So what was blocking your path? You should also find the appropriate dream interpretation for this object, person or situation and incorporate it into the interpretation of the barrier.

For example, if the barrier is a wall, then this dream image can occur Boundaries allude to what the dreamer builds for his own protection. If you dream of a barrier as a barrier, then the dream symbol often refers to criticism and challenges in the life of the dreamer as well as his ability to deal with it and overcome it.

If the barrier represents a desired challenge, for example in hurdles, the dreamer actively tackles his goals and pursues them with ambition. Difficulties arise, but are solved. If you overcome obstacles in parkour in a dream, missed opportunities will still be taken advantage of. As long as the run continues in the dream world, the omens are positive.

In general, a barrier in a dream is often a sign of upcoming difficulties in the awake state. For this dream interpretation it is particularly important whether the dreamer manages to overcome the barrier or find a way past it.

If he lets the barrier stop him in the dream, then the dream image may indicate something that is insurmountable obstacle or the dreaming ability to solve problems that needs improvement. However, if the dream manages to overcome the barrier, then he can probably also get rid of the difficulties in real life.

Dream symbol “barrier” – the psychological interpretation

As already indicated above, a barrier is often used as a dream symbol in connection with one Protective function and the desire to protect oneself from the outside world. So if you dream of building a barrier yourself, then you may have already created such a protective wall while awake or are longing to do so. These boundaries may actually protect you from your environment and, for example, injuries from other people, but they often limit your development opportunities at the same time.

In a psychological sense, this is particularly important when interpreting dreams Inhibitions a central role. A barrier is created especially when the dreamer does not manage to overcome his own inhibitions. Maybe the dream symbol is meant to encourage him to be more open and to let go without always thinking about what other people think of him. Likewise, fears and bad experiences could also be the reason why someone wants to protect themselves with a barrier.

In addition, the dream image of the barrier could indicate that the dreamer is not up to the challenges mentioned above. Most of the time it’s about his psychological ability to cope with certain situations. After the dream, he should think about why he is generally unable to cope emotionally well with this situation and what he could possibly do to improve his psychological strength.

Dream symbol “barrier” – the spiritual interpretation

If you come across a barrier in a dream, then it could be an obstacle in your life spiritual development symbolize. Depending on how you deal with the barrier and whether you overcome the obstacle, this development could move forward.

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