Bumps – dream interpretation

When we hear the term “dents,” many of us probably think of an ugly toad and we may immediately have an image of the dent-covered little body in our mind’s eye. But we can also see bumps on our own bodies, which are perceived as swelling under the surface of the skin. These occur, for example, when we bump or fall and hit the ground. In most cases, we not only feel a short, sharp pain, but the bumps also hurt later, especially when touched.

Bumps can feel almost like a real, painful ulcer in dreams. At this level, however, they always have a special symbolic meaning.

Bumps - dream interpretation

So if we have several bumps on our body in the dream situation, this can reveal a lot about us and our personality. The same applies, of course, if we see another person in a dream with bumps somewhere on their body – for example on their head or stomach. But how exactly do you interpret such dreams? What does the dream symbol “bumps” mean?

Let’s first look at the dream situation that is very often experienced by sleepers in connection with the dream image of “bumps”:

Dream symbol “bumps” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Not nice: The dream of bumps on the body

Anyone who has bumps appearing on their body during their dream experience can be shown by this dream situation that they have to expect difficulties in their private life. These block harmonious coexistence, as unexpected conflicts can quickly arise, which are reflected in the dream on the body level.

Dream symbol “bumps” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the symbol “bumps” is considered warning. The dreamer should prepare himself for the fact that things will not turn out the way he might hope in the near future. The causes for this can be different. You may simply have chosen the wrong path to achieve your goals.

However, it may also be the case that Enemies there are things that make life difficult. It is now important to carefully observe and think about your own situation. With common sense and caution, major losses can perhaps be avoided.

A dream situation in which you see another person with bumps on their body often also gives notice Obstacles at. In these cases, the dream symbol “bumps” refers particularly to the private area of ​​life. It threatens to close Conflicts to come with friends and family members.

Only if the dreamer tries to be as careful, loyal and friendly as possible can he or she be able to stop the relationship from breaking up. It is now important to empathize with your fellow human beings and develop compassion. The bubonic plague as a dream symbol often brings financial losses.

Maybe you had a small accident in your dream and realized afterwards that your car was dented. Then this dream situation can show you that you should be more careful and vigilant in the future when it comes to seemingly banal things. Even if at first glance it seems that everything is fine, the thick end could get you into just as big trouble.

Dream symbol “bumps” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological approach to dream interpretation, bumps in dreams indicate Problems and difficulties. This can mean stress in everyday life, for example if there is a challenge in your professional life that is difficult to overcome or if there are tensions in your private environment.

Bumps - dream interpretation

More often, however, the dream symbol “bumps” refers to this intrapsychic conflicts. The dreamer is most likely not in harmony with himself. According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, he rejects certain parts of his personality. However, he cannot successfully suppress them completely. The dreamed bumps are intended to urge him to work through this problem. He needs to develop self-confidence and accept himself as he is.

Dream symbol “bumps” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream image “bumps” as Conflicts, which must be solved by the sleeping person before it is too late. Occasionally the dream symbol can also, according to this view mental pain symbolize.

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