Tree stump – dream interpretation

When walking through the forest, you often see the remains of felled or dead trees. The roots are still firmly in the ground, but only a piece of the trunk can be seen from the rest of the tree. It takes decades for a tree stump like this to completely rot. But the dead wood is now an important breeding ground for certain insects or fungi. Some hardwoods also sprout again.

Garden owners usually find tree stumps annoying and therefore have the roots and trunk completely dug out after a tree has been felled. In the past, tree stumps were also used to make offerings for churches.

Tree stump - dream interpretation

A tree stump in a dream may invite you to sit on it. The trunk may feel dry and brittle. If it is already half moldy and has fungi and insects living on it, the sleeper may feel disgusted. The details of the dream content provide more precise information for dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “tree stump” – the general interpretation

In dream analysis, a tree stump indicates that the dreamer has just eliminated something or has already overcome something that was very busy and stressful for him. The dream symbol may indicate the end of a difficult phase or the Solution a bigger problem. Several tree stumps in a dream indicate that the sleeper feels helpless in an impending emergency.

However, if he digs up or tears out the trunk and roots, according to dream analysis, this is an expression of determination. The dreamer takes his fate into his own hands and thus manages to overcome resistance. In popular dream interpretation, a tree stump as a dream symbol can also represent setbacks. The sleeper may deviate from his usual path in real life and therefore not reach his goal directly.

Tree stump - dream interpretation

According to dream interpretation, a tree represents life in general and the personal situation of the dreamer. If it is felled in a dream or is struck by lightning and destroyed, this should be understood as an unfavorable omen. As a dream symbol, the tree stump represents a warning from arrogance and the resulting losses. The dreamer could avoid disappointments or negative events through appropriate behavior.

While the trunk of a tree symbolizes security and stability according to dream analysis, the remaining block of wood embodies evil events against the dreamer. He should be prepared for intrigues and false friends. Since the roots of a tree stump are often still active, the dream symbol is also a sign of intactness links to other people. The dream image also shows that the sleeping person has not lost contact with their beliefs and values.

Dream symbol “tree stump” – the psychological interpretation

A tree stump is the remains of a tree and symbolizes one in the psychological interpretation of dreams weakening the psychological primal powers of the sleeping person. The subconscious uses the dream symbol to make it clear that part of the personality has been injured. These can be individual characteristics or ideal values ​​and ideas. The dreamer’s vitality and energy may have decreased due to a negative experience.

The dream symbol “tree stump” is intended to make him aware of this in his dream. According to the dream analysis, the dead, rotting wood also illustrates this fears of the dreamer, which are hidden in the subconscious and are now coming to light. If the sleeper cuts down the tree in the dream, the remaining stump represents the fear of loss.

Dream symbol “tree stump” – the spiritual interpretation

For dream interpretation on a spiritual level, the tree stump symbolizes a Disturbance in harmony between sky, earth and water. The dreamer’s connection to the profane world on the one hand and to the spiritual world on the other has been interrupted by a negative event. The dream symbol is a reminder to renew spiritual strength and energy.

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