Tree – dream interpretation

It adorns gardens, parks and streets, it even characterizes an entire landscape and it is hard to imagine Christmas without it: the tree. Especially in rural areas, a tree is likely to be a familiar sight for residents, while trees, especially in big cities, often provide a welcome splash of green color – a touch of nature, so to speak, between all the gray houses and streets.

Trees can look very different: There are coniferous trees that are green all year round and deciduous trees that shed their leaves in winter and only shine green again in spring. An example of an evergreen tree is the cypress, which typically grows in Tuscany and is also used as a hedge plant in the rest of Europe thanks to its dense growth. A birch or chestnut, on the other hand, will always shed its leaves in order to have enough strength for the winter.

There are small trees, which are often found in a grove, and some species that can reach heights of over 95 meters. Some wood from a tree is very valuable, such as the dark brown to black ebony, which is extremely hard and resilient. Reddish woods such as walnut trees or cherry are sought after for furniture making. The ornate, gnarled and at the same time solid wood of the olive tree is ideal for decoration or for making furniture. Trees also bear very different fruits on their branches: from pine cones and chestnuts to avocados and pomegranates or fruits such as cherries, apples and pears.

Tree - dream interpretation

Just as a person often sees trees in their everyday life – and probably often no longer consciously notice them – a tree can also often be part of a dream, which usually takes place in the open air. Sometimes the dreamer encounters not just individual trees in the dream, but an entire forest. As an elementary part of nature, the tree played a role as a dream image centuries ago and still represents an important and meaningful dream image today.

The maypole is a special type of tree. If one is seen in a dream, the dream symbol “maypole” should be taken into account.

But what does it mean when you dream of a tree, a tree stump or an entire forest? What do oak, beech, birch, mulberry trees, alder, spruce, poplar, maple trees, etc. say about you as a dream symbol “tree”?

Dream symbol “tree” – the general interpretation

Since trees are an important element of the plant world, a dream that is about one or more trees is fundamentally linked to the dream symbol Nature vicinity. In dream interpretation, the tree is not only associated with a natural process, but often also with the life force or the Structure linked in the life of the dreamer.

The idea of ​​strength comes from the fact that a tree is firmly anchored in the ground by its roots and usually stays proud and upright on its own, even in strong winds. If the tree in the dream is healthy, blooms and possibly also bears fruit, the dream symbol usually indicates great strength in the dreamer or good luck, while a dry and bare tree could represent weakness or even bad luck.

The tree in your dream can therefore give you a valuable clue as to what is going on with you at the moment spiritual and physical strength could be ordered.

Many dream interpretations take up the aspect of Structure when it comes to interpreting the dream about a tree. Even in the waking state, there is often talk of a family tree or tree of life. So maybe the tree in the dream is supposed to be yours Family or depict the course of your life. Especially as a tree of life, the dream could show you certain aspects and situations of your life that are of great importance to you as a person, but which you never consciously noticed while awake.

In addition, dreaming of a tree is often a symbol of how the personality of the dreamer and how he copes with his life. For example, with this dream symbol you could learn something about your energy, your often hidden ones Values and Beliefs or learn your attitudes that your subconscious wants to communicate to you in the form of dreams.

Anyone who plants a small tree in their dream experience has a fundamental desire lifestyle. If the sleeper finds himself digging a hole in order to plant the young tree plant, his skills will probably be called upon in the near future. An obstacle requires skill to remove.

What could individuals do? Tree shapes exactly for you?

If your tree from the dream has many spreading branches, then this speaks for a loving and warm-hearted personality. However, if someone dreams of a small tree with dense leaves, then the dreamer may be more reserved and even uptight. If the tree has a beautiful, harmonious shape, this dream symbol is a sign of a structured personality, while a large tree with tangled branches represents a chaotic person.

In order to interpret the tree in a dream individually, it usually plays a big role how you behave near the tree. For example, if you climb the tree, you may be looking for a better one overview in your life – or you are about to achieve professional or private advancement through your own efforts. A need for Security As a second example, it is particularly reflected in a dream when you sit on the ground to have the protection of the tree and its branches.

If the leaves of the tree are eaten by insects, such as cockchafers, or pests in a dream, you are usually in for a difficult time. If the tree is seen while sleeping as a judgment tree at a topping-out ceremony, this can indicate changes. The sight of tree bark as a dream image can often warn against being too open.

Dream symbol “tree” – the psychological interpretation

The family tree or tree of life also occupies an important position in a psychological dream interpretation. Psychologists also associate the tree in a dream with the Life itself – the plant also symbolizes life itself in an original dream interpretation.

A dreamer often sees felled trees that have been cleared of branches as tree trunks. If a raft is created from the trunks in a dream, this symbol refers to the childlike, immature side of the dreamer. The person affected prefers to go about their life freely without worrying about their future. A tree house made of tree trunks and wooden boards reveals the sleeper’s closeness to nature.

The tree also provides shelter and habitat for many animal species. If certain animal species appear in connection with a tree in a dream, these should also be examined more closely for interpretation. For example, a woodpecker can encourage independent development of one’s own character. If a sparrow hawk sits on a tree while sleeping, this can warn of danger.

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Dream symbol “tree” – the spiritual interpretation

What does dreaming about a tree mean when the dream image is viewed from a spiritual perspective? Here, too, it is mostly about life and vitality, which are embodied by a strong tree.

This dream interpretation also results from the fact that the tree’s appearance resembles an upright person looking towards the sky. Sometimes the dream symbol also refers to them Connection between heaven and earth – the tree is firmly rooted in the ground and stretches its branches towards the sky. The tree in some dreams is also a sign that earth, sky and water are in the harmony are with each other.

Another element of spiritual dream interpretation is the reference to Bible and especially the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, where Eve plucked the famous apple from the tree of knowledge and learned a life lesson from the experience.

Applied to your life, the dream of a tree could also mean that you will soon learn something important while you are awake or that you will become central Understanding could come, which will make your future life easier.

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