Nobility – dream interpretation

In earlier times, the nobility was one of the powerful classes, elevated above the common people such as farmers and craftsmen. Nobles had numerous privileges, such as the right to hunt, and could collect taxes from their subjects.

Nobles are now considered famous personalities who are depicted in gossip newspapers and whose private lives we follow with a certain curiosity, or the nobles are among us, only recognizable by their names, which begin with “from” or “to”. . Also in the proverb Noblesse oblige The nobility can still be found again, but it is no longer as important as it once was.

In dream interpretation, however, the nobility and noble people again have great symbolic value. The dream image of nobility can tell us a lot about ourselves. It is important to interpret certain people or objects that appear in the dream that are related to the nobility. Examples of this would be a lady-in-waiting, a king, a court servant, a crown, a tiara or a throne. The court that accompanies and serves the regents is also of interest for dream analysis.

Try to remember who exactly you saw from the noble family in your dream: a prince or princess, a baron, a baroness or a baroness (the baron’s daughter), a baron or baroness, a count or a countess? What clothes was the person wearing? Include as many dream details as possible in your interpretation.

Nobility - dream interpretation

Dream symbol “nobility” – the general interpretation

The meaning of nobility as a dream symbol is a little ambivalent. If the dreamer meets a nobleman in the dream, sees noble people or has the nobility appear in his dream in a similar way, this can indicate characteristics and circumstances that the dreamer associates with the word “nobility”: he learns more View, respect or popularity or wants others to show him more of the same. The dream symbol can also indicate financial matters, so it is traditionally seen as a sign of things to come wealth considered.

If the dreamer is raised to the nobility, this can mean two things in the interpretation of the dream. Either it is a warning dream not to be deceived and less haughty to be, otherwise disappointment is inevitable.

Or the dream is a good sign and symbolizes that the dreamer’s work is finally done recognition thinks he is now getting the wages he deserves. In order to be able to interpret the dream symbol correctly, the dreamer should use his or her life circumstances to analyze the dream. The feeling that the dreamer has during the dream action can also be decisive.

If the dreamer talks to noble people in his dream, the dream image represents oneself failure. The dreamer will not reach his goal. On the other hand, if he dreams of the landed nobility, this indicates that someone is standing up for him.

If a nobleman waves at you in your sleep, you should not only take care of your own concerns, but also think about others. If the nobleman wears a signet ring in the dream, one should not be too boastful in the waking world.

Dream symbol “nobility” – the psychological interpretation

Viewed on a psychological level, when the dreamer dreams of nobility, he is concerned with the beautiful appearance and the reputation of others. The dream is often one warningto concentrate more on the inner values. Instead of judging others based on their financial resources or their reputation in society, the dreamer should deal with people as they really are. He may also run the risk of falling behind someone beautiful facade to entrench himself instead of showing himself openly – with all his lovable quirks.

In other cases, the dream symbol indicates that the dreamer is in his life recognition missing. He wants to be seen and valued more by others.

Dream symbol “nobility” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually, the dream of often nobility warns that Truth to look behind things, but he can also look at them noble goods of the universe.

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