Farm – dream interpretation

Agriculture has been people’s livelihood for thousands of years. Grain and fruit cultivation, livestock farming and dairy farming are the basis of our diet. Working on a farm was very difficult in earlier times. Today, machines like tractors make it easier to till the fields and harvest. Many farmers now also offer holidays in their farmhouse, which is particularly attractive for families.

A dream about a farm may bring back childhood memories. The dreamer may imagine an idealized image of a large, clean country house that hardly corresponds to reality. On a farm, work is the priority; This creates a lot of manure, dirt and dust. There is also often a strong smell due to the animal feces. In the past, farmhands and maids had to work hard and work all day long, just like the farmer and farmer’s wife. And even today the work has hardly decreased, even though modern machines have now replaced many manual tasks.

What is particularly interesting for dream interpretation is what connections and feelings the dream symbol “farm” awakens in the dreamer.

Dream symbol “farm” – the general interpretation

A farm embodies the usability of nature to feed oneself and others. In traditional dream analysis, the dream symbol indicates this productivity in thinking and acting. The dreamer has a desire to get as much as possible out of a project. To achieve this, he is willing to work hard and for a long time.

According to popular dream interpretation, a farm in a dream is a sign of achieving prosperity. To do this, however, you have to shape your life yourself Responsibility take over. The dream image promises that the efforts will be followed by success and material rewards.

According to general dream interpretation, dreaming of a farm is an indication of a lucky hand in business ventures. The sleeper will also benefit from associations with others. Also a good one Health is expressed in the dream symbol.

If the focus in the dream is on work in the field or field, the dream image “farm” reflects the way in which the dreaming person manages their personal affairs. That’s why, according to dream analysis, the farm is a symbol for them Activity optionsthat present themselves to the dreamer. The condition of the land provides information about how successfully it cultivates certain areas of life.

Witnessing the harvest on the farm in a dream shows that the sleeping person is in for a joyful, happy time with good financial opportunities. Celebrating the subsequent harvest festival on the farm refers to the wish of the dreaming person Efforts to be able to leave everyday life behind. The dream image of the court festival symbolizes an urgently needed break.

Dream symbol “farm” – the psychological interpretation

According to dream interpretation, the dream symbol “farm” represents the Longing for a simple existence close to nature. Life there is characterized by sowing and harvesting. The dreamer wants this balance between giving and taking in his everyday life. He probably often has the feeling that he is not being treated fairly. The dream is an alternative to the real situation. The dream image is also a warning against false illusions and romantic ideas.

According to the understanding of psychological dream analysis, the dream symbol “farm” is a request from the subconscious to deal with one’s own needs and urges. The animals kept there reflect parts of the personality that are not accepted and suppressed in real life. The sleeper becomes aware of sexual desires or instincts that are perceived as primitive in the dream. This way he can work on himself if necessary.

If the dreamer tills a field, in real life he is probably at the beginning of a fertile one phase of life. For dream interpretation, the dream symbol “farm” is seen as an invitation to look for a new field of activity.

Working with the earth also refers to female parts of being and the desire for fertility. In this context, the dream image draws attention to the fact that the dreaming person should concern themselves with their own longings.

Dream symbol “farm” – the spiritual interpretation

For spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “farm” embodies the sleeper’s connection with the natural forces. He recognizes them in the dream Great Mother Earth as a breadwinner.

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