Build – Dream Interpretation

When you build, something is created. It can be entire buildings on a construction site, individual rooms or floors, even a vault. Monuments are also built that people make from different materials: stone, wood and metal are used. You can implement your own ideas and create true works of art that are viewed as architectural monuments.

Even with building blocks, small children enjoy building something that they have previously imagined in their minds. This trains spatial imagination, which plays an important role on adult construction sites and also in the dream world if you want to build successfully. You can also build a dam in a dream.

Dream symbol “build” – the general interpretation

Building in the dream world is often interpreted by dream researchers as a positive sign. If a new house is built or you see the shell of a house, then the next projects in the waking world are usually successful. The dreamer will make good progress in his life, be successful and have one secure existence can build.

Dream symbol "build"

If it is a small, pretty building, such as a pavilion, then this suggests that any problems that arise can be solved quickly. However, with a building that is getting bigger and higher, the problems threaten to grow and spread.

If the dreamer is building a bridge in the dream world, difficulties will soon be overcome in the waking world. Building a palisade with stakes in a dream refers to securing one’s own plans in waking life. If you build something with planks while you sleep, this can indicate a restless state of mind.

Caution is advised if a building in the dream world is demolished or even collapses. In this case it can soon happen in waking life failures come. This dream image asks the dreamer to carefully review and think through their plans and intentions. Now there is still time for a change of plan to avert disaster.

Dream symbol “build” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, houses often symbolize the body of the dreamer. Therefore, if a house, a new (own) home is built or renovated in the dream world, then this building is as process on the body and the personal identity of the dreamer.

If the dreamer wants to build, then he wants to move forward in the waking world and create or create something. As with any construction site, this often happens when building in the dream world Issues and difficulties that first have to be solved.

However, if the dreamer is also building a house in waking life, then this dream image means that he simply cannot switch off at the moment and is still dealing with this topic in the dream world.

Dream symbol “build” – the spiritual interpretation

Building in the dream world is considered in the spiritual interpretation of dreams Construction of the life interpreted. The dreamer actively creates something in order to build up and expand his waking life.

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