Bass – dream interpretation

The bass, also known as the electric bass, is an electric musical instrument and is similar to the electric guitar. In a classical orchestra or jazz band, the double bass usually takes on the task of producing a deep bass tone.

The bass, whatever instrument it is played with, is essential for almost every band. The deep sounds are the basis of many music titles such as rock, punk, blues and jazz, but also pop and hits. However, an electric bass requires an electronic amplifier to make the tones of the strings audible.

If you play the bass in a dream, music probably also plays an important role in real life. Maybe the sleeper is actually a bass player in a band or he wishes he had musical skills. When interpreting dreams, you should pay attention to whether the dreamer is making music himself or whether he is listening.

Dream symbol “bass” – the general interpretation

A bass is not an instrument for soloists, but an important component in modern musical ensembles. According to the understanding of dream analysis, the dream symbol is therefore an invitation to become one Community or join a team. The dream draws attention to the need to adapt and, if necessary, to subordinate in order to be accepted in a group.

When music sounds in a dream, it expresses the dreamer’s fundamental ideas about life. For the popular dream interpretation of the dream symbol “bass”, it is important to consider whether the dreaming person plays an active or a passive role. If she sees herself as a musician, there is a risk of embarrassment or an argument in real life. On the other hand, the dream image is an indication of one understanding.

According to general dream analysis, hearing a stringed instrument such as the bass heralds pleasant experiences. The dreamer may have recently had stimulating sensual or pleasurable experiences made. The dream symbol can also be a sign of the desire for more harmony and balance in everyday life. If the sleeper is currently going through a difficult phase, the bass sounds in the dream provide comfort and care.

In addition, it is important for dream interpretation how the dreamer perceives the bass sounds. If he likes the music, the dream symbol promises for the future Enjoyment and happiness. If the bass sounds shrill and unpleasant or sad tones in the dream, there is a risk of discord in the family or among friends.

Dream symbol “bass” – the psychological interpretation

For psychological dream analysis, the dream symbol “bass” is a symbol of the sleeper’s attitude towards his sexuality. Making the instrument sound requires a lot of sensitivity, but also passion. The experiences in dreams can therefore cover a wide range of sexuality, from erotic playfulness to sexual intercourse.

In addition, “bass” is often expressed in the dream symbol unconscious emotions out of. The type of music is therefore very important for dream interpretation. Harmonious sounds represent the desire for social relationships. A discord in a dream can draw attention to internal and external conflicts. With the bass, the subconscious brings about a change in the state of consciousness and thus confronts the dreamer with his repressed fears.

According to the understanding of psychological dream analysis, the dream image also represents the social skills and needs of the sleeper. If he plays the bass in a band, the dream expresses his appreciation of community. The dreamer strives to be with himself and others harmony to live. Maybe he is single in real life and longs for a partner.

If the dreamer plays a solo with the bass, he is on his own in waking life skills reliant. He rarely relies on others and only trusts a small circle of people. According to dream interpretation, the dream symbol expresses a personality that either consciously relies only on itself or that unconsciously suffers from always being on its own.

Dream symbol “bass” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the understanding of spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “bass” represents one Connection to the divine It also enables the dreamer to express his spiritual self.

If you make music with others in a dream, the dream image shows inner balance and harmony with others.

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