Rampage – dream interpretation

A shooting spree is a violent act by a perpetrator who murders or injures several people in one act. The term Amok is derived from Malay and translated means: riot or rage. Colloquially it is also referred to as going crazy.

In Indonesian culture, amok was considered a military strategy that could influence the outcome of a battle. There individual warriors blindly attacked the enemy. There was also a similar warlike behavior among the Berserkers.

Rampage - dream interpretation

Amok now means the blind aggression of a single person, which can lead to fatalities. This can be a purely foreign-directed aggression or an extended suicide (suicide). Depending on the weapons used, one speaks of the gunman, gunman or gunman: such a person can use firearms and shoot wildly, attack people at random with a knife, drive a truck into a crowd or even detonate a bomb. In the USA in particular, there has been an increasing number of school shootings in recent years, in which students injure or kill other classmates and teachers.

Acts of violence can also occur in the dream world. These dreams are usually very disturbing for the dreamer and should be interpreted very carefully.

Dream symbol “Shooting Spree” – the general interpretation

The rampage can show up in the dream world in different ways. If it is the dreamer himself who commits a shooting spree, then this dream image should warn him to beware of shame. It can also mean that the dream is for a cause sacrifice which, however, is completely hopeless.

If the dreamer is present as an eyewitness to a rampage, then he will also be in the waking world Blessing in disguise and find a good way out of a difficult situation.

If the dream becomes the victim of a shooting spree, difficulties and dangers can also arise in waking life. The dreamer will not have all his problems solved in the waking world. According to dream research, flowing blood usually means losses in business or private life.

Dream symbol “Shooting Spree” – the psychological interpretation

The dreamed rampage causes the dreamer to have similar feelings to those in the waking world. The dreamer feels exposed and has Angst from violence. It is usually the subconscious that shows through this dream image that it is afraid of mental injury.

The psychological dream interpretation also interprets the rampage as an indication of one Surprise attack. The dreamer should therefore be on guard so as not to become the victim of other people’s anger.

If it is the dreamer himself who is running amok, then this indicates a difficult and almost hopeless situation in the waking world. The dreamer lacks solutions and ways out to save the current situation.

If the dreamer, as an eyewitness, observes a rampage from a safe distance, then this shows his sovereignty and reliabilitywhich also works in difficult situations.

Dream symbol “Shooting Spree” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the rampage is seen as an indication of one surprise attack interpreted.

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