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The eel (Latin for anguis = snake) is a snake-like aquatic animal which is also often referred to as a “water snake” and is native to the waters of Europe, America and Asia. But it is not uncommon for us to encounter fish in our dream world.

If an eel or several eels are seen in a dream, it can have very different meanings. The dream symbol “eel” is interpreted in context and takes into account, for example, the nature of the water and the dreamer’s own mood in which the fish appears. This makes the dream and its interpretation clearer. Below you can read more about the dream symbol “eel”.

Dream symbol “eel” – the general interpretation

Have you ever encountered an eel or a snake in a dream? In order to find out the meanings of these dreams, the dreamer should also remember other dream details. If the eel was more in the shape of a snake than a fish, then you should keep your eyes open for unfavorable people around you. This person acts “smoothly” and goes through life without considering other people or losses.


If you see the freshwater eel moving in clear, transparent water and you have a positive feeling, this also indicates a coming and to be realized mobility in your life. Try through actions and a flexible Adjustment to change their lives positively. If you have unfavorable habits, then start trying to get rid of them now if possible.

On the other hand, if you have the eels in a mud-like and heavyWhen you see yourself struggling through transparent water, you feel the desire to find yourself in an unpleasant situation, Disputes and Trouble to withdraw. Seeing several eels together in a dream indicates one Lust after sexual experiences. Especially for women, the eel is considered a symbol of the male penis.

Below you can read about other meanings of the dream symbol “eel” in general dream interpretation:

  • Eel slips through your hand: an advantageous deal slips out of your hand or fear of a mistake in your love life
  • Eating eel: Beware of trouble with bad fish
  • Eel is caught: show perseverance. In the end there is success
  • an eel trap: you should take an honest path and stay away from forbidden things
  • Eel seen dead: suffering and misfortune are coming or one’s own victory over enemies.

Dream symbol “eel” – the psychological interpretation

If the dreamer sees an eel or several eels in a dream, this dream must always be seen in its context. If the water is beautiful and clear and the dreamer also feels pleasant about it, then it also shines mental mood to be harmonious.

The dreamer even feels like he is in one A mood of optimismto change things in life for the better, to “clean up” your life and, under certain circumstances, to sexual desires to live out. Especially for women, the eel in the dream also symbolizes the male member.

Dream symbol “eel” – the spiritual interpretation

Not only the eel, but also the fish is a spiritual symbol, especially in Christianity. Fish stands for Movementalso and especially for intellectual and spiritual movement.

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