Ears of wheat – dream interpretation

A spike is an unbranched inflorescence. It consists of an elongated main axis called the rachis. When this major axis is significantly thickened, it is called a piston.

The ears of grain are the best-known representatives and also appear quite often in the dream world.

Ears of wheat - dream interpretation

Dreamers sometimes report that they were in a grain field a few days before the dream – so the dream is easily explained.

But what if you had no contact with ears of grain in reality but suddenly dreamed about them? We explain to you how dream interpreters understand the phenomenon.

Dream symbol “ears of grain – the general interpretation

If ears of grain appear in the dream or if the dreamer is about to tear off ears of grain, then the dreamer will have one Reward for his hard work.

In general, ears of grain in the dream world indicate that the dreamer is big hopes has. Through dream research, the ears of grain are usually associated with prosperity as well as material security and fair wages for work. The ears of grain show that the work was worth it for the dreamer and that he will soon be able to harvest the symbolic fruits.

Another interpretation interprets the ears of grain as a symbol for fertility. In this way they can also announce a new life, which can be shown through children, but also through a new development in life.

The condition of the ears of grain in the dream world also provides further information for the correct interpretation of dreams. If the ears of grain are severely damaged by a storm or thunderstorm, then this dream image asks the dreamer not to mourn what has been lost, but to work in a new area. But it can also be a shaken one Confidence show through these damaged ears. If the ears of corn are in good condition and full growth, then the dreamer is satisfied and balanced.

Cutting ears of corn with a mowing machine can, as a dream image, indicate favorable changes that the dreamer would like to make in the waking world.

Dream symbol “ears of grain” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the ears of grain give a precise indication of what the dreamer has achieved so far in his life. This dream image draws the dreamer’s attention to the areas of his life in which he has invested a lot and in which he should perhaps invest even more.

Also about the goal symbolic harvestthe dreamer should think more about it when the ears of grain appear as a dream image.

If the ears of grain are all healthy and can be seen in large quantities in the dream, this can mean that the dreamer is already having a big time Success has achieved or is about to do so.

What is important is that this dream image requires the dreamer’s hard work as a prerequisite for success. Only then will he be able to benefit from his work.

Dream symbol “ears of grain” – the spiritual interpretation

The ears of grain and also the grain in general are considered in the spiritual interpretation of dreams Symbol for life interpreted. In addition, the ears of grain symbolize the dreaming’s hidden needs Truths to discover and explore.

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