Eagle – dream interpretation

The eagle is often referred to as the “king of the air” and is seen as a symbol of the highest gods. This refers to the so-called golden eagle, which, in contrast to the past, is relatively rare in Germany. There is still a stable population of this eagle species in the Alps, but it is mostly found in the mountain regions of Europe.

In our native environment there are four different species of eagles. The sea eagle, golden eagle, osprey and lesser spotted eagle. However, only the golden and lesser spotted eagles are considered “real” eagles. Eagles are excellent fliers and with their proverbial eagle eyes they can detect the smallest movements of their prey even from great heights. Eagle pairs remain loyal to each other for life and only when their partner dies do they start looking for a new companion.

These impressive birds of prey have almost no natural enemies; only humans have hunted the eagles for centuries and pushed them out of their hunting and breeding grounds. In the last century, many eagle species in Germany were considered almost extinct. Fortunately, the population has stabilized and in some cases even recovered over the last 30 years.

But what does the dream interpretation say about this royal animal when the eagle flies through your dreams?

The eagle can appear as a dream image in very different dream situations. Below you will learn more about the most common contexts in which the eagle plays a role as a dream symbol.

Dream symbol “eagle” – The most common dreams about the symbol

A flying eagle in a dream – impressive!

If you see an eagle flying high in the sky in a dream, this dream situation usually symbolizes development and success. The dreamer knows what he wants in life. His goals are high, but at the same time they are also realistically achievable. With personal skills, energy and endurance, the sleeper can go far, provided he sticks to his plans.

Appearance and body of the dream eagle

The eagle head as a dream symbol

As a dream symbol, the eagle’s head symbolizes good business. The sleeping person currently has no financial worries. But his professional success could also attract the attention of envious people. You should think carefully about who you can really trust. Some people may only fake their friendly intentions; they should be treated with healthy suspicion.

An injured eagle – the poor bird!

Dreams in which you see an injured eagle almost always have a warning function. On the one hand, they can draw attention to impending overconfidence. On the other hand, they often warn of problems and worries that are caused by external circumstances. A difficult phase is coming for the sheep.

Red eagle as a dream image

A red eagle is seen in a dream as a symbol of pride, power and willingness to fight. The dreamer does not shy away from conflicts. Not only can he hold his own in such situations, but he usually also emerges victorious. The only factor that could cause problems is the occasional impulse. In some moments the sleeper allows himself to be controlled too much by his urges.

Dreaming of the eagle’s nest: Don’t approach it!

Seeing an eagle’s nest in a dream

A dream in which one sees or finds an eagle’s nest is said to draw attention to the need for rest. Although the sleeper has a strong personality and can assert himself in everyday life without restrictions, he also needs moments of relaxation. It is urgently time to gain new strength. Otherwise, you will soon have to admit weakness.

Find eagle eggs in the dreamed nest

As a dream symbol, the eggs of an eagle in the nest represent a dormant talent. They symbolize the sleeper’s ability to act creatively, full of energy and successfully. At the moment he may still be in a phase of self-search and self-discovery. But as soon as the dreamer recognizes his abilities and learns to use them for his own benefit, nothing stands in the way of achieving high goals.photo

Man and eagle in a dream

To have an eagle on your shoulder, the dream interpretation

Having direct physical contact with an eagle is certainly an impressive dream experience. If you have the bird of prey sitting on your shoulder, it is usually a symbol of your own striving for power, recognition and wealth. In men’s dreams, the dream image occasionally also has a sexual meaning. The eagle then represents erotic needs that can only be satisfied through dominant and possessive behavior.

The eagle attack in the dream, just take cover!

As a dream symbol, an eagle attack often warns of danger. In the near future it is important to be particularly attentive and careful. Occasionally, such an attack situation is interpreted as an indication of offended vanity. The sleeper may feel his pride hurt. He is looking for compensation for the perceived humiliation.

If the bird of prey is hunting in the dream world and sharpens its eyes in flight in order to spot prey on the ground and finally attack in a dive, the dreamer has to take action! Goals that have been set should finally be put into practice.

Finding an eagle feather, a beautiful dream…

In dreams you can find the feathers of various birds. However, dream interpretation interprets the eagle’s feather as the most promising: as a dream image, it heralds unlimited success in all areas of life. Nothing stands in the way of a happy and contented future. If the eagle loses a feather in the dream, the dreamer may soon feel an increase in their own strength and assertiveness in reality.

Brave: Get an eagle tattoo – only in the dream world?

The dream symbol “eagle tattoo” represents the need for freedom. Anyone who dreams of getting a tattoo of an eagle attaches great importance to their independence. The sleeper doesn’t let others say anything to him. His experience may have already shown him that he can only achieve his goals if he trusts his own judgment.

Dream symbol “eagle” – the general interpretation

As with many other dream images, there are both positive and negative ways of interpreting the dream image of the eagle. It always depends on the context in which the eagle appears in your dreams.

If you see the bird flying up in the air, you can hope to achieve high goals and implement big plans. Catching the animal can be a sign that the dreamer does not like to share successes with others and prefers to claim the glory for themselves.

Some sleepers even transform themselves into a stately, proud eagle in the dream world, gliding easily through the winds. With this dream image one can long travel to foreign countries or to announce the successful pursuit of recognition and wealth.

If you are attacked by an aggressive eagle, you may be in danger Danger in the reality. If you see the bird of prey not in the wild, but sitting in a cage, i.e. in captivity, this expresses your own feeling of feeling restricted by your environment and your fellow human beings.

If the sleeper sees an eagle with prey in its beak, this heralds good business. But whoever catches and stops the animal during the foray will face threats themselves losses and Care for.

Seeing the eagle as the heraldic bird of the House of Ravenclaw in connection with Harry Potter in the dream can indicate that the dreaming person is optimistic about the future and is generally considered friendly and cheerful.

Dream symbol “eagle” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the eagle as a vertebrate has important symbolism and indicates an optimistic and life-affirming character.photo

For Sigmund Freud, the dream image of an “eagle” had a strong meaning sexually emphasized meaning. This interpretation comes from Greek mythology. Here the eagle was considered a symbol of Zeus’s power and ability to procreate. In order to individually interpret the eagle as a dream animal, the exact context of the dream must also be considered.

For example, an eagle with problems flying can show the dreamer that he may be allowing himself to be too restricted in various areas of life. Sexual dream content in connection with an eagle can make it clear that previous interests are being pushed into the background due to an erotic, passionate relationship repressed hat.

If a woman dreams of an eagle in a sexual context, this can mean the desire for a more fulfilled one sex life express or symbolize the longing for a strong, possessive man.

If the bird is struggling with life or the eagle is already dead in the dream, difficulties will probably soon arise for the dreamer. However, these can be quickly eliminated, which noticeably improves development.

Dream symbol “eagle” – the spiritual interpretation

The eagle stands for in spiritual dream interpretation clarity and Strength. Likewise for foresight and the ability to find your own strength.

Detached like the eagle itself, the spirit can soar to higher things and people go on a journey of discovery to discover the possibly still unused abilities that lie within them.

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