Anal intercourse – dream interpretation

Anal intercourse refers to the insertion of the excited member into the anus of the sexual partner. Anal sex is practiced in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. Depending on the couple’s preferences, sex toys such as dildos and/or vibrators can also be used.

If you enjoy having anal sex with your partner, you should always be particularly careful as the rectum region is particularly sensitive and unpleasant and painful injuries can quickly occur.

Anal intercourse - dream interpretation

While during vaginal intercourse the moisture required during arousal occurs naturally through secretion from the vaginal glands, this is missing in the intestines. In order to still enjoy an erotic experience that is satisfying for both parties, you should not forgo using a lubricant.

Anal sex is something that society still frowns upon in horror and that many people associate exclusively with gay couples. However, it is estimated that every second heterosexual couple loves lovemaking from behind. Anal intercourse also appears as a dream symbol in many people’s dream experiences, for example in nightmares in connection with rape, for example.

Dream symbol “anal sex” – the general interpretation

Experiencing anal sex in a dream is usually accompanied by very excited feelings for the dreaming person. In dream interpretation, however, the dream symbol “anal sex” represents unpleasant matters, which people tend to turn their backs on in the real world. True to the motto: What you don’t see isn’t there.

The dreamed anal intercourse can also be an expression of the desire Variety be in your own sex life. If it was a pleasurable experience for the dreamer in the dream, this suggests that he would also like to practice this in his waking life. He may already be doing it and will relive the exciting moments with his partner in his dream.

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However, it may also be that you have never honestly dared to mention this wish to your partner. Maybe because you were afraid of his possible negative reaction. The dream interpretation advises here open words. Anyone who has a trusting relationship should be allowed to communicate their fantasies honestly. Maybe your partner has very similar desires. Find out!

Perhaps you have a rather negative memory of the dream symbol “anal sex” at the dream level because it was associated with violence or pain. A dream experience with anal sex then indicates negative experiences. In real life you were treated very badly, “shitty” in the truest sense of the word and left alone with grief and problems. The fact that you endured anal sex in a dream shows how helpless you are bad treatment faced by others.

Dream symbol “anal intercourse” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, behind the dreamed anal intercourse there can sometimes be a desire for something Forbidden things hide. As already mentioned before, anal intercourse as a sexual practice is often still very controversial.

How can the anus, which is actually responsible for the body’s excretions, be arousing? What can also be important for the exact interpretation is whether you were the active or passive partner in the dreamed situation. If you have been anally penetrated by another person, this represents devotion and trust. You give yourself completely to the other person and let them take control of the sexual act.

If you were the active part in the dreamed anal intercourse, from a psychological point of view this can be viewed in the opposite way. On the one hand, the dream symbol can be for Lust for power stand. On the other hand, it also shows a willingness to put oneself in the background. The dreamer sees it as important to first satisfy the needs (also of a sexual nature) of the other person.

The way you felt in connection with the dream image of “anal sex” can also be a reflection of your own moral values be. Therefore, think carefully about what feelings the dream made you feel. Have you had anal sex yourself or have you seen others do it? Did you experience feelings of shame or even find it stimulating to be in the observer position?

Answer these questions honestly and you may gain completely new insights into your unconscious thinking.

Dream symbol “anal intercourse” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the dreamed anal intercourse is a symbol of dedication and the unconscious desire for guide.

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