Adoption – dream interpretation

Not all couples are lucky enough to have children of their own. However, if the desire to have one’s own offspring is very great, there is the possibility of adopting someone else’s child and thus adopting it as one’s own. Many babies are put up for adoption immediately after birth.

The reasons for this can be very different. Often the mother is too young at the time of birth, is not financially able to raise a child without a partner, or is unable to care for a newborn for other reasons. The topic of adoption has also attracted attention in the media several times, as more and more celebrities have decided to adopt a foreign child.

Adoption - dream interpretation

Anyone who is adopted by a foreign family or a sponsor has the same rights under the law as a biologically born child. Conversely, all rights and obligations of the biological parents expire when the child is released for adoption.

The dream image “adoption” can also appear in a dream and raise the question of how to interpret this dream symbol for the dreaming person. Some dream situations appear more often in sleep than others:

Dream symbol “Adoption” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Be adopted yourself in the dream world

The dream symbol “to be adopted” symbolizes escape or disappointments. Perhaps in the waking world the sleeper wishes things were different than they are. In addition, he may be dissatisfied with his everyday life or discover a painful truth. Being adopted in a dream can also promise a time of change in reality that will be experienced positively. The dreamer may adapt safely and quickly to a new situation in life, or he may cope well with spontaneous challenges.

Seeing adopted baby – why this dream?

The dream symbol “adopted baby” is usually a sign of concern and help. If the dreamer is the one who takes in and cares for the baby in the dream, this often expresses the willingness to actually care for someone. It is possible that the dreamer would like to support a person from his or her immediate environment in solving problems.

The adoption of a baby can also be a dream image of a creative act: an idea is born in the dream in the form of a baby and is initially rejected until it is finally taken up by another person, i.e. adopted, and developed further.

Dream symbol “Adoption” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation distinguishes between the dream symbol “adoption” whether you were adopted in the dream experience or whether you are the one who adopts a child.

According to dream researchers, the dream situation of your own adoption shows that you are more care and Schutz wishes in life. Traditional dream interpretations also see this as the announcement of disappointments that will await the dreamer in the near future.

On the other hand, if you adopt someone else’s child in a dream, this may show, on the one hand, that you actually have a strong desire for one harmonious family life and on the other hand, the need to be able to give love and care.

Applied to real life, this can mean that you are a person who likes to support other people and is always there when you need them. Maybe there is currently someone who is having problems Help and whose situation the dreamer is very concerned with in his thoughts. Just as he adopts a child in his dream and takes care of it, he also wants to be there to protect and help others in his waking life.

Dream symbol “Adoption” – the psychological interpretation

If you look at the dream image of “adoption” from the perspective of psychological dream interpretation, it very often hides the desire to be cared for, protected and loved.

Maybe you grew up in a less warm atmosphere and had to learn to always take care of yourself because no one else took responsibility for it. This can have a strong impact on those affected Longing for warmth and security, as he has never experienced this and has only ever been able to rely on himself.

But also the feeling of being partly responsible for it well-being Being other people can be shown through the dream image “adoption”. You believe that you always have to be there for others and support them with advice and action in every situation in life. But there is danger here if you don’t realize in time that this willingness to help is only too happy to be exploited by others, but that you yourself are always alone when you need support.

Adopting a child in a dream can also be an expression of a so-called “helper syndrome” be. It is very difficult to perceive other people’s boundaries because you are always focused on being needed and often do not even realize that the other person already perceives the help as pressure or interference and does not want this at all.

Dream symbol “Adoption” – the spiritual interpretation

From the level of spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “adoption” symbolizes the longing for binding and assistance.

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