Action – dream interpretation

Many people regularly consume action films. In these, many actions usually follow one another in quick succession; the hero, sometimes not even a human but a cyborg, is chased, fights, there are shootouts and explosions.

Many of these films are accompanied by loud music and ensure that the viewer’s adrenaline levels rise in front of the television or in the cinema. Some people also experience their own dreams like this: In dreams they experience a lot of exciting things and wake up with their pulse racing, often with the feeling that they are not really recovered despite their sleep. But how can these rapid dreams be interpreted?

Dream symbol “action” – the general interpretation

According to general opinion, action in dreams symbolizes particularly strong, intense feelingswhich the affected person may not or may not feel in everyday life, or which he suppresses in order not to disrupt his regular routine.

At the same time, an action-packed dream can come soon change indicate in real life. The person affected will develop and leave certain aspects of their life behind. Something else will take its place and give his everyday life a completely new direction.

Anyone who takes very high risks in an action dream, and is possibly also careless, is at risk in real life Danger to advise. This could arise from various uncertainties and imprudence. The dreamer does not know exactly how to classify his environment or his fellow human beings and could easily get involved with the wrong people and enter into daring relationships with them, the outcome of which is uncertain.

If the action-packed dream is perceived as very pleasant and positive by the person concerned, this can also represent a request to get rid of their own shortsightedness longer term in life too the plan. This is the only way it can become more lively in the long term.

Dream symbol “action” – the psychological interpretation

An action dream can be interpreted on a psychological level past time symbolize in the life of the person affected. It is very likely that his everyday life was recently dominated by a lot of adventures, hectic pace or stress.

If the dream is perceived as negative, this may include a request to change in the near future more silence to treat yourself and not to expect too much. The body and mind urgently need time to recover and rest, moments of enjoyment in which the ultimate goal takes a back seat.

In addition, according to psychological opinion, the dream symbol “action” can also refer to a risk-taking personality let close. The dreamer likes to take certain risks, wants to test himself and his abilities and see how far he can go. He should see the dream as an impetus to reconsider this attitude.

Dream symbol “action” – The spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the aspect of high speed and rapidity, the hustle and bustle, of an action dream plays a particularly important role. He symbolizes that Loss of sense of time which is part of spiritual development.

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