Zipper – dream interpretation

Everyone is certainly familiar with a zipper. After all, it can be found on a lot of clothing, suitcases, bags and shoes these days. Before zippers existed, garments were held together with cords, ribbons, fibulae, buttons, and hooks and eyes.

However, the triumph of the zipper was not foreseeable from the start. At first this invention was laughed at and attracted little attention. But after some initial difficulties and a number of improvements, the potential of the zipper was finally recognized.

Zippers were first used on a large scale in US Navy pilot suits in 1917. They were used in everyday clothing from 1925 onwards and replaced buttons in many places.

Dream symbol “zipper” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “zipper” symbolizes the dreamer’s abilities interpersonal interaction. Through his dream he receives a hint as to how he should maintain relationships with other people and whether there are any problems.

If the zipper gets stuck in the dream, this can happen difficulties point out in sensitive situations. The dreamer finds it difficult to maintain his dignity when arguing with other people. A completely destroyed, broken zipper usually brings with it interpersonal disappointments.

Anyone who opens a zipper in their dream wants a carefree, peaceful interaction with other people. The longing for relaxation and recovery can also be indicated by the dream symbol.

For general dream analysis, it is also of interest where the zipper was seen in the dream: If the zipper is on a handbag, this can indicate secrets within the relationship. The zipper on a piece of clothing, such as pants, a skirt or even a dress, can open onto the closed one Self-image of the dreamer or refer to the image that he shows to other people. This picture does not show the real me.

Dream symbol “zipper” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the dream image “zipper” as a symbol for the Choice of the sleeper to open or close himself to other people. Depending on how the zipper appears in the dream – i.e. open or closed – conclusions can be drawn about your own behavior.

If you open a zipper in your dream to take off your clothes, you long for your true dreams in your waking life feelings to show. In this context it can also be important where the zipper can be seen in the dream. On a jacket or coat, for example, the dream symbol refers to satisfying feelings in a particular matter.

When interpreting the dream symbol “zipper” psychologically, the color can also provide further information. It would therefore be advisable to use the corresponding aspects of the dream symbol “colors”.

Dream symbol “zipper” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, dreaming about a zipper should make the dreamer aware that he links can produce in the transcendent realm.

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