Yoke – dream interpretation

A yoke is a special harness used to harness draft animals (horses, oxen or cows) to pull a wagon or a plow. Illustrations and archaeological finds prove that the yoke is the oldest variant of tensioning and has been used since at least 3,500 BC. BC is used.

The yoke is available as a forehead and neck yoke. With both types of yoke it is attached to the horns of the draft animals. Mainly oxen were used as draft animals and were harnessed to the yoke. Since this yoke restricted the mobility of the animals’ heads, the term “subjugation” in the sense of oppression is derived from this.

A third variant is the withers yoke, which was attached to the withers of the draft animals.

In the waking world, a team of oxen or even a yoke is now less common, at least in first world countries. Machines have largely replaced animals here, but in Asia, for example, you still often find a yoke used as agricultural implements or for moving on the roads. In the dream world, an encounter with ancient devices occurs much more often.

We will take a closer look at what the yoke means in a dream in the following text.

Dream symbol “yoke” – the general interpretation

If a yoke is seen as a dream image, then it can have great consequences Wut and Zorn announce what the dream will get because of something. The yoke can also show that the dreamer will soon bow to the wishes of other people in the waking world. This adjustment and endurance, which is often referred to as “Unterjochung” However, he will only do so very reluctantly.

Quite rarely is a team of oxen included in the dream plot. However, if the dream is busy yoking oxen, this dream image indicates that his advices be accepted by other people in waking life.

In the waking world, the dreamer often acts as a superior who gives recommendations to his employees. However, if there are problems with the oxen and the dreamer does not manage to harness the ungulates, the dreamer will soon worry about one in waking life lost friend have to worry.

Dream symbol “yoke” – the psychological interpretation

The yoke is interpreted by psychological dream interpretation as a positive sign for the future. The dreamer will rely on a safe and successful Future can look forward to. However, he also has to work hard and persevere until he reaches his desired goal.

For some dreamers, the ox that carries a yoke in the dream world is supposed to be a reminder that the dreamer also has to carry and endure many things in waking life that he doesn’t always like. The meaning of subjugation flows into this dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “yoke” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the yoke is seen as a sign of hard work interpreted.

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