Yarn – dream interpretation

Yarn and the associated spinning with spools of yarn – previously with a spinning wheel, today with huge spinning machines – are things that play a less important role for us today than they did for people in the past. In our culture it is now common practice not to deal with yarn directly, but to buy the things you need directly in the store.

Nevertheless, many people who do not live in industrialized countries still have to painstakingly create, dye and sew together fabrics from yarn by hand using a loom or loom.

Yarn - dream interpretation

Yarn is also an important symbol in dream interpretation. It happens that people dream of unwinding or winding it, tearing it or spinning it. How can these dreams be interpreted?

Dream symbol “yarn” – the general interpretation

In order to be able to interpret the dream symbol, it is first necessary to distinguish in which situation the yarn played a role in the dream. What was done with the yarn?

It is generally believed that spinning with yarn can be an indication of an impending disaster new love relationship be. Under certain circumstances, the dreamer is already starting to fall in love with someone in real life. It is possible that the feelings are reciprocated, but the dreamer should keep the following in mind: A relationship can result in envy and bad talk. It is then important to rise above it and confront the people concerned.

Anyone who unwinds a thread in a dream, perhaps from a reel, can see this as a warning of things to come soon losses comprehend. He may be too wasteful with his money, or with his feelings and other things. This will harm him in the near future.

The same applies if the yarn is torn or tangled in a dream. According to general opinion, these dream situations are also omens that can indicate a difficult future. If possible, the dreamer should prepare for big problems and try to take precautions for them.

In addition, the dream symbol “yarn” also stands for in general the life itself, as well as what has already been achieved and what is still possible in real life, from which the person concerned can successfully create their own future.

Dream symbol “yarn” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the yarn expresses the dreamer’s wish to be able to identify with a role model. He may need one given his current situation in life counselorsomeone who supports him and helps him bring order into his own life.

In addition, some psychoanalysts also see the dream symbol as an attempt by the person concerned to convince someone of their own performance in real life. This is especially true if he or she spins in the dream.

Dream symbol “yarn” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream theory assumes that someone who dreams of yarn is on one spiritual journey located. On this basis, stories and mythical stories will support him and help him move forward.

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