Windshield wiper – dream interpretation

Windshield wipers are used to remove moisture and dirt from the windshields and rear windows of vehicles. But it’s not just in reality that windshield wipers help us, for example when driving, to maintain a clear view and see the road in front of us. They can also play a role on a completely different level: in our dreams.

Windshield wiper - dream interpretation

However, when we turn on the windshield wiper during the nightly dream, this always has a symbolic meaning. As a dream image, the windshield wiper can reveal a lot about us and our personality.

But how exactly do you interpret the dream symbol “windshield wiper”? What exactly is the meaning behind dreams in which we use the windshield wiper? It is also important to analyze the type of vehicle according to the dream: was it a car, a truck or a train whose windshield wipers you saw while you were sleeping?

Dream symbol “windshield wiper” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, driving in motor vehicles often refers to progress on one’s own path in life. The onset of rain or dirt on the windshield makes it difficult to continue driving and therefore poses problems that get in the way of those affected in their everyday lives.

In this context, the dream symbol “windshield wiper” symbolizes one support a helpful utensil with which the dreamer finally… overcome difficulties can. Dream interpreters assume that the dreamed image of the windshield wiper is intended to open the sleeper’s eyes to such aids.

Occasionally the dream symbol “windshield wiper” can also refer to things that have not been fully processed feelings Clues. The dreamer carries certain emotions within himself. These may not be compatible with each other or may burden him in his everyday life. According to general dream interpretation, in this case it is important to become aware of the feelings and work through them. Only then can you make further progress in your personal development.

Dream symbol “windshield wiper” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream image “windshield wiper” often refers to Insights, which are in front of the person concerned, but which he has not yet fully and consciously recognized. The dreamer has to free himself from certain stresses in his everyday life in order to finally be able to see clearly.

In this context, the dreamed use of the windshield wiper can come at the same time Changes to announce. As soon as the dreamer comes to the insights that are already in front of him, he will develop further and will most likely restructure different parts of his life.

In addition, the symbol of the windshield wiper is considered a sexual symbol. Psychoanalysts then see an expression in dream situations in which the windshield wiper is turned on sexual desires and fantasies that the sleeper cannot currently live out in his everyday life. He longs for fulfillment, freedom of inhibition and, last but not least, to come to terms with himself and his urges.

Dream symbol “windshield wiper” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual approach to dream interpretation, the dream image “windshield wiper” symbolizes a Aids. This can lead to new spiritual insights.

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