Wig – dream interpretation

A wig hides our real hair and can give us a completely new look. With a flick of the wrist, a blonde can become a brunette or someone with black curls can become a redhead. It is a classic accessory of theater people, and is generally used by people who want to change or disguise their identity. The wig is always associated with deception. At the same time, it can also be part of a dazzling personality and give a glamorous feeling.

Such a hair replacement is also often worn at festivals such as carnival or carnival, to match the chosen costume. However, if you need a wig for everyday life that looks as natural as possible, go to the hairdresser or a toupee specialist and have the headgear individually adjusted and even cut to size. Such more expensive wigs are usually made of high-quality, real hair that is tied onto some kind of net or ribbon, while the disguise accessory is made of plastic, is rarely breathable and starts to itch the longer you wear it.

If it is a toupee, the artificial hair serves more to enhance one’s own appearance than to completely change it. A wig can also help people who are suffering from cancer, for example, to maintain or regain their self-esteem by being able to cover the head affected by the disease with hair again. A wig can therefore fulfill many different functions.

What significance does it have as a dream symbol?

Dream symbol “wig” – the general interpretation

The wig is usually a dream symbol illusion and misrepresentation of facts. If the dreamer sees a wig or is worn by others, the dream warns him not to be deceived. Possibly there are intrigues being spun against him and he is being tricked. In this way, an uneasy feeling can become noticeable in a dream.

If he wears it himself, the wig represents that he is dissembling himself in relation to his environment. This camouflage However, it can all too easily break down. The dreamer may have the feeling that he is less valuable than others. This is especially true with toupee dreams. Since it covers the head, the wig is sometimes interpreted to mean that the dreamer acts stupider than he is, he hides his intelligence or wise thoughts from others.

If he loses the wig in the dream, he is exposed, perhaps even in public, and to a certain extent defenseless. In this case, the dream can be an indication that people who are hostile to the dreamer are making fun of him, or that he is afraid of being laughed at. Perhaps he has had a mishap that he knows will cause others to mockery and mockery will take.

Dream symbol “wig” – the psychological interpretation

The wig also stands as a dream symbol in psychologically oriented dream interpretation illusion and false facts. It is possible that the dreamer does not present himself to other people as he really is; for example, he makes himself look younger, wealthier or tries to appear smarter or more educated.

The person may be faking abilities that they don’t actually have or adorning themselves with other people’s feathers by passing off other people’s achievements as their own. The dream warns him not to take the deception too far.

The wig can also indicate that the dreamer is comfortable with his Rolle feels uncomfortable in society and misses his original self. He actually wants to behave more authentically.

If others wear the wig in his dream, he fears being deceived by his fellow human beings. Sometimes the subconscious perceives subtle, barely comprehensible things Warning signals and then transforms them into dream images. The dreamer would do well to listen to his gut feeling and exercise caution in interpersonal relationships or with new acquaintances.

Dream symbol “wig” – the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual sense, the wig represents in the dream authority. The dreamer can use this as an opportunity to think about who he sees and respects as an authority figure in his life. The dream image may be a reference to one spiritual mentor.

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