Wheel – dream interpretation

The wheel is one of humanity’s greatest and most important inventions. Due to its great importance in real life, it also appears very often as a symbol in our dreams. Often it spins here, but sometimes we also dream of a broken or stationary wheel. Maybe in the dream situation we are also traveling in a vehicle, riding a bicycle or tricycle, and lose a wheel. Or we can no longer brake the bike, what is particularly dangerous in moving traffic. Maybe you can also see a small wheel or a roller.

Anyone who saw a steering wheel was probably on the high seas in a dream; a wheel, on the other hand, has to do with sport. Even a wheel of fortune can play an important role in a dream if the dreamer has won a big prize at the fair.

The question is always in what context a wheel appeared in the dream and what type of wheel. Think about what other dream images you have experienced in order to be able to fully interpret your dream experience.

Let’s first take a look at the most common dreams about the wheel before we turn to the general, psychological and ultimately spiritual interpretation:

Dream symbol “wheel” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Cycling through the dream world

If the dreamer rides a bike in his sleep, he usually strives to achieve a goal without help in his waking life. He wants to move forward in his life independently. However, this dream image can also show the dreamer’s fear of not being able to implement the planned project because their own strength or abilities are not sufficient for it. The dream symbol “riding a bike” can therefore contain confirmation that things will go as planned in waking life. Under certain circumstances, an undertaking can even be implemented faster than planned.

Dream symbol “wheel” – the general interpretation

The wheel is in the shape of a circle. In this context it can be used in the general dream interpretation for Timelessnessas well as for Harmony stand in life. The organization of everyday life is rounded off and the person affected has found their inner center.

A wheel that turns in a dream basically announces termination Changes at. The faster it spins, the faster certain areas of your life will develop. This is mainly due to the ambition and hard work of those affected: they strive diligently to achieve their goals and will soon be rewarded with the fulfillment of their wishes. Sometimes the dream symbol in this context also refers to an imminent change of location or an impressive trip.

If it is a stationary or broken wheel, changes can also be expected, but the developments will have more of a negative impact on the dreamer. Sometimes the symbol of the broken wheel also refers to areas of family life. In this case there is a risk of Loss or departure of a family member.

Dream symbol “wheel” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological opinion, a wheel in a dream symbolizes the skills of the person affected. It shows where he draws his strength and energy from in everyday life to move forward. This especially applies to mental and emotional resources.

If the wheel spins in a dream, the person concerned may long for very specific changes in life. If, on the other hand, it is at a standstill, the dreamer’s personal development remains at a standstill. Maybe he should work on this.

According to psychoanalysts, the wheel is also of particular importance in the context of a vehicle. It can happen that the dreamer is on a trip and loses a wheel – for example a tire – on his means of transport. This is transferred as Loss of goals to understand in life. You no longer know which direction you should actually go in, what you want in life and how you could achieve personal happiness.

Dream symbol “wheel” – the spiritual interpretation

The wheel can be used as a spiritual dream symbol for Self-image of the person concerned. It heralds imminent changes for the better. You free yourself from old burdens, you can look forward and find your way to the future perfection continue.

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