Water lily – dream interpretation

The genus of water lilies includes around fifty species worldwide. These are mostly perennial plants and so once you have planted the water lilies in your pond, you can look forward to their flowers every year. The color spectrum of the flowers is quite diverse and ranges from white to yellow and red to blue.

Like many flowers, the water lily closes its blossoms in the evening. The special thing about it is that it even pulls them back under water and the flowers only appear again in the morning at first light.

Water lily - dream interpretation

In dreams, the water lily often appears in connection with a frog, standing water and images from nature.

Therefore, read not only the following interpretation of the “water lily” symbol, but also any other dream images that you can remember. To find the symbols, use our search at the top right.

Dream symbol “water lily” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “water lily” as a symbol of something Beautiful and pleasant things in the life of the dreamer. This can be a beautiful and enjoyable experience in waking life, which the dreamer should now become aware of again. The dream symbol can also indicate appreciation from other people. The dreamer is happy about this in the waking world.

If the dreamer observes water lilies growing in his dream, he can express himself wealth and enjoy prosperity in waking life. But grief and sadness will also soon await him. According to general dream interpretation, the bud of a water lily in a dream indicates the emergence of a new idea.

The beginning of a new phase of life can also appear in this dream situation. Withered water lilies as a dream symbol also symbolize sadness or warn of possible danger in the waking world.

If the water lilies are particularly beautiful and numerous in the dream, the dreamer is in good health. He will also be in his life in the near future successful be.

Dream symbol “water lily” – the psychological interpretation

Within the psychological interpretation of dreams, the water lily primarily embodies as a dream symbol perfection and beauty, especially in relation to the feelings of the dreamer. In addition, the dream symbol “water lily” can be a symbol of peace and serenity. In many cases, the water lily in the dream also indicates a positive personality development of the dreamer in the waking world.

Anyone who sees the bud of a water lily in their dream should become aware of their own potential. Only when he has recognized this can he use his abilities in waking life in a targeted manner.

If the blossom of a water lily opens in a dream, the dreamer will soon develop further in the waking world. He’s currently scoring in his personal development big steps forward. Even if these may be frightening at first, the dreamer should get involved with them. It will be to his advantage.

Dream symbol “water lily” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “water lily” refers to love and compassion as well as a spiritual enlightenment.

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