Watchmaker – dream interpretation

The watchmaker is a popular character in films and books. He builds, but also repairs, what time tells us. In earlier times, it was mainly the pocket watches that were used every day that needed to be overhauled from time to time. The clockwork specialist was and is also responsible for grandfather clocks, table clocks, wall clocks and all timepieces.

Today the profession is generally closely linked to industry; only a few of the craftsmen work independently in a small factory. However, there are further training courses to specialize in the restoration of old watches.

It is well known that a clock, in addition to its function of showing the time, is also highly symbolic. It stands for inner perceptions, perhaps also for our quickly passing (lifetime).

But what can a person stand for who works with such an object every day, who knows exactly how a watch functions and is constructed, and who is familiar with it? How can the watchmaker be interpreted as a dream symbol? Let’s take a look at the symbol:

Dream symbol “watchmaker” – the general interpretation

If you see a watchmaker at work in a dream, this can be a reference to your own Lifetime regard. The dream symbol is intended to make the person concerned aware that this will not last forever and that they are mortal. It is important that he does not lose sight of this aspect in his everyday life, but rather learns to appreciate his existence and uses his time to do the things that are close to his heart.

At the same time, a watchmaker in a dream can provide information about how the person concerned copes with tasks or how they assess themselves. He may feel overwhelmed with some things in everyday life and is looking for help. He is very careful, but this occasionally prevents him from fulfilling his duties in a timely manner.

In some cases, the dream symbol “watchmaker” can also indicate that the dreamer is one Time out wants a break to take a breath.

If a watchmaker repairs your watch in a dream because it has stopped or broken, this can also symbolize the need for a break. In addition, the dreamer may also need one lifestyle. In this case, the watchmaker represents the threshold at which one phase of life ends and a new one begins.

The watch, which was seen in connection with the watchmaker, can also be of interest for the general interpretation. Was it a wristwatch or a wall clock? Maybe it was a pendulum clock.

Dream symbol “watchmaker” – the psychological interpretation

A watchmaker also represents one in the psychological interpretation of dreams internal conflict with your own lifetime.

The dreamer becomes aware of his own mortality and draws new courage from this, that is, the desire to use the remaining time to live. Subconsciously he is already preparing for something soon Changes in his everyday life and looks forward to it positively. He may also be setting new goals in his real life. These give him hope and motivation to use his own future time and to see changes as opportunities.

If the person concerned is in the role of the watchmaker in the dream, this can also be the case Tasks standing in front of him. He thinks this is very complicated and difficult to do. He will need a lot of patience in the near future so that he can carry out his duties conscientiously.

Dream symbol “watchmaker” – the spiritual interpretation

If the person concerned visits a watchmaker in a dream, this can, according to spiritual opinion, be for irregularities stand. These interrupt the dreamer’s own internal rhythm.

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