Wardrobe – dream interpretation

The wardrobe is one of the most important pieces of furniture in an apartment, as it contains the owner’s clothes. Dressing is usually possible in a walk-in closet. And they say a lot about his personality. Does a man have mostly suits in his wardrobe or jeans and T-shirts? Does a woman value chic dresses and skirts or are there more sporty and practical pieces in her wardrobe?

The contents of the wardrobe allow conclusions to be drawn about the job, but also about the preferred leisure activity. Is the owner of the closet an extremely neat guy whose shirts and pants hang perfectly straightened and sorted on a hanger? Or has a chaotic character packed his clothes in the wardrobe in a completely disordered manner?

If you dream of a closet, perhaps it should be cleared out again. Perhaps the dreamer would also like to equip him with new clothes again. How full or empty the wardrobe is plays an important role in dream interpretation. What does the dream want to keep safe?

Dream symbol “wardrobe” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, a wardrobe is a dream symbol that stands for the preservation of identity, an inner attitude and one’s own ideas. It expresses the dreamer’s sense of order and conscientiousness.

However, the wardrobe in the dream can also be an indication of restrictions that you experience from another person. The look of the wardrobe itself can provide insight into the emotional state of the dreaming. If it is made of dark wood, the dream symbol indicates melancholy. If the piece of furniture in the dream is light and appears rather light, it expresses joy in life.

In dream interpretation, the details of the dream are very revealing. If the wardrobe is full of clothes in the dream, the dream symbol is a sign of wealth and luck. The dreamer should pay attention to his possession to secure and in Order to keep. If it is empty, it represents the dream’s futile effort to improve his situation.

Few clothes in a dream indicate that you are looking for dangerous challenges in life. Seeing or buying a wardrobe indicates in the dream interpretation that you will learn a secret, but also that the dreamer will make his or her luck Games could endanger.

If the doors of the dream symbol “wardrobe” are open, it warns of thieves and advises when dealing with strangers Caution to prevail.

Dream symbol “wardrobe” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “wardrobe” is a symbol of the dream interpretation Hide certain character traits, but also for the caring Preserve of people or behaviors that are precious to you.

In addition, a wardrobe in a dream reflects the different roles that the dreamer has to play in real life. Anyone who is a boss or employee in a company must also take on the role of husband or brother, good friend or mother.

In addition, our subconscious uses the “wardrobe” dream symbol to show us how we currently live life situation feel. If the clothes hang neatly next to each other in the closet, our living conditions and relationships with others are also organized.

However, if there is a mess in the wardrobe in the dream, this indicates in the dream interpretation that the dreamer does not know how to deal with his emotions and the demands that life places on him.

Dream symbol “wardrobe” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation on a spiritual level, the wardrobe is the place where the dreamer has his clothes Experiences stored. These represent particularly valuable treasures for him because through them he experiences insights and developments in mental terms.

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