wandering around – dream interpretation

It is dark. We wander around completely disoriented. Although we are looking for the right path, we cannot find it. All orientation is lost and we are lost. Our hearts are pounding and we are desperate for help. Maybe there’s a signpost somewhere, there has to be one… – Suddenly we wake up, bathed in sweat.

Lucky for me, it was all just a dream, albeit a very moving one. What did the dream situation want to tell us?

wandering around - dream interpretation

Do we feel unsupported and confused in the waking world? Let’s take a closer look at the dream image.

Dream symbol “stray” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “wandering around” is interpreted by general dream interpretation as an indication to the dreamer that he has one in his life wrong direction hits or has hit. He pursues goals and intentions that cannot be reconciled with his personality. Therefore, he feels slightly disoriented in his waking life and this feeling finds expression in his dream of wandering around.

In addition, the successes on his new path in life will not make him happy or the dreamer will fail with his plans. Sometimes wandering around in dreams can also reflect unexpectedly finding a friend in waking life.

In the general interpretation of the dream symbol “wandering around”, the dream environment is also of great interest. The dreamer should therefore pay very close attention to where he wanders around like a madman in his dream. Is it perhaps a city or a forest? Or a maze? The interpretation of the corresponding dream symbol should then be used to interpret the dream.

For example, if the dreamer wanders around in a labyrinth in his dream, he will be viewed in general Care for and fears in the waking world. Furthermore, his secrets will get him into trouble.

Dream symbol “stray” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “wandering around” usually appears in a fear dream and refers to a big one mental distress of the dreamer. He should therefore ask himself what is bothering him so much in his waking life and take appropriate countermeasures. This may only be possible with professional outside help.

Wandering around in a dream also symbolizes a mental or mental helplessness of the dreamer in the waking world. The dreamer has the feeling that he cannot find his way around his life on a mental level.

If the dreamer wanders around in a forest in his dream, according to the psychological interpretation of the dream, his future is in the dark. Because he doesn’t know what to do with his abilities at the moment.

What is also interesting for the psychological interpretation of the dream symbol “wandering around” is the direction the dreamer often takes. For example, if he often chooses the left direction, it will be shown to him that his behavior deviates from law and decency. He’s coming, so to speak “from the right path” ab.

On the other hand, if right is his preferred direction when running aimlessly, he continues to stick to the general direction in waking life moral values fest.

Dream symbol “wander around” – the spiritual interpretation

Within the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “wandering around” refers to the feeling of Lack of direction of the dreamer in waking life.

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