wallpaper – dream interpretation

Painting and varnishing is a trained profession and it is worth hiring a specialist, especially if you have valuable or strikingly patterned wallpaper. Simple wallpapers that are relatively easy to apply and that can later be painted in any color are very common.

When it comes to wallpapering, you can get lots of tips on the internet about pasting or removing old wallpaper. It becomes a little more difficult if not only walls but also ceilings need to be wallpapered or if extras such as borders have to be placed.

If someone dreams of wallpapering, they may actually have a home improvement job to do or something that needs to be renovated. Maybe he is tired of the current ambience of his apartment and imagines something new in his dream. What is crucial for dream interpretation is what the dreamer wants to show to the outside world in his life and what he wants to hide.

Dream symbol “papering” – the general interpretation

According to dream research, the dream symbol “papering” expresses that the dreamer is not satisfied with his or her current situation in life. He wants one change of the conditions, but may not be clear about it yourself. In his dream he realizes how many previously unnoticed possibilities there are.

In popular dream interpretation, wallpapering indicates good things Character of the do-it-yourselfer. The dream symbol shows that he values ​​a comfortable home and that concepts such as family and stability are important to him. However, according to dream interpretation, manual work can also indicate that a good friend will have health problems.

In dream research, a carefully wallpapered room indicates a favorable development in the dreamer’s life. If the dreamer has to first remove old wallpaper, perhaps with the help of a spatula, before he can wallpaper the room in the dream, the dream symbol is a sign that he wants to present himself differently to the outside world than before. Maybe he feels the need to present himself more authentically.

When interpreting dreams, however, this raises the question of which one Appearance the dreamer wants to create with the new wallpaper. Is the renewed wallpaper perhaps an attempt to hide other weaknesses?

Dream symbol “papering” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “papering” is a symbol for protective shieldthat the dreamer builds up towards his environment. This facade serves to give a very specific, good impression.

Even if the wallpaper is only a thin, fragile layer, it still represents a barrier between the dreamer and the people around him. According to dream research, the subconscious uses the dream symbol “wallpaper” to signal that the dreamer wants to change this state. He is looking for social closeness and is trying out a change of scenery Image comes closest to his self and at the same time is accepted by society.

In addition, a dream in which a wall is being wallpapered can also be a reference Character traits be that the dreamer wants to hide.

Dream symbol “papering” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendental level, the dream symbol “papering” is an act to protect yourself. In dream interpretation, the wallpaper serves to negative influences to ward off the spiritual self.

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