Wall – dream interpretation

A wall made of stone or concrete is called a wall. As borders or fortifications, walls surround cities or even countries. The Chinese and Berlin Walls are famous. In a house or apartment, the outer wall protects against heat, cold and intruders. It can also serve as a support for climbing plants, so you can find numerous walls covered in ivy.

Another function is to restrict freedom of movement, such as prison walls with barbed wire. In a figurative sense, a wall is often understood as an obstacle or a separating element. For example, one also speaks of one “Wall in the mind”when there are irreconcilable differences.

If someone dreams of a wall, they may feel powerless because they cannot overcome it. But it is also possible that the dreamer perceives it as a protective wall behind which he can hide. What is important for dream interpretation is what function the dream symbol has and what exactly happens to the wall in the dream.

Dream symbol “wall” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “wall” generally marks a boundary. Depending on the individual life situation, the dreamer either feels restricted by something in his life or he has one himself protective wall built.

If the latter is the case, he feels safe behind the wall in his dream. However, it also obscures the view to the outside. The dream symbol is therefore also a request to remove your own limitations and open yourself up more. Otherwise the dreamer is threatened with isolation and loneliness.

In dream interpretation, the wall also symbolizes an obstacle that needs to be overcome. What is important here is whether the dreamer manages to climb over it in the dream or to make it collapse. Anyone who is active in the sport of parkour in the dream world, for example, and wants to consciously overcome a wall faces the challenges of their life through symbolic climbing.

In popular dream interpretation, building a wall or a shell reflects hard work that is rewarded with luck and prosperity. The dream symbol can also indicate that the dreamer himself obstacles on his way to his goal. If the wall collapses, the dream warns of threatening situations and specific dangers.

If it is torn down by someone and access becomes unlimited as a result, the dreamer feels harassed by a person in real life. If he himself causes the wall to collapse, the dream symbol indicates fulfillment in love. In dream interpretation, standing on a wall promises the feasibility of risky plans. If the dreamer jumps down, the dream image embodies boldness and daring. A fall, on the other hand, warns of an accident.

If you see a pillar made of masonry in a dream, you can usually be happy about a good foundation on which you have built your life.

Dream symbol “wall” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream symbol “wall” represents a psychological obstacle. Internal blockages, unconscious fears or insecurities make personal development difficult. In dream interpretation, the wall represents an attempt to find inner peace Barriers to break through.

It is therefore a positive dream symbol because it releases the psychological powers of the dreamer. This gives him new perspectives and possibilities. If the wall disappears in the dream and reappears, the dreamer still has a lot of mental work to do because, according to the dream interpretation, he has only partially overcome the problems so far.

The wall can also be important in dream interpretation separation between the private sphere and the public sphere. The dreamer who seeks protection behind her wants to hide certain emotions and mental states.

If the wall has a hole, the dream symbol can be an indication that the dream’s trust has been disappointed because someone has violated their privacy. A gate in it, however, symbolizes erotic wishes that the dreamer does not dare to fulfill. If several walls come together in an oppressive manner, the dream symbol in dream interpretation can be a warning signal for a physical illness.

Dream symbol “wall” – the spiritual interpretation

A wall is a metaphor for that in a transcendent sense enclosure of a holy district. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol symbolizes the protection of spiritual values ​​and their preservation.

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