Vines – dream interpretation

A vine is a bush on which grapes grow. As a single plant, for example in old castle courtyards, the vine sometimes climbs up to twenty meters in height. Some grape vines are several hundred years old. In wine-growing regions, the slopes are planted with a wide variety of vines. The grapes are harvested in autumn and sold as fruit or processed into juice and wine after the harvest.

A dream about vines can evoke different feelings. Perhaps the dreamer sees an ancient vine and is impressed by its size. He may also enjoy the romantic sight of idyllic wineries. To develop the dream symbol, you should pay attention to whether the vines bear a lot of fruit or whether they are perhaps bare.

Dream symbol “vines” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, a dream about vines promises a happy personal life Development. The dream symbol can refer to parts of life, but can also represent successful actions in general.

The plant represents fertility and growth. Anyone who plants it in a dream will create a comfortable living environment through their own strength and effort. Especially when full, heavy grapes hang on the vines, the dream symbol promises rich rewards. However, the dream interpretation also indicates that the dreamer must first put a lot of work and effort into a project.

A vine on which no grapes grow is a dream symbol Obstacles there. The dreamer will have to try in vain for a long time to convince others with his arguments. If the vines are completely bare, this is a sign in the dream interpretation that, despite all efforts, he will remain unsuccessful. In addition, there may be family disputes.

According to dream interpretation, vines are a positive dream symbol if they appear green in a dream or if you dream of cutting them.

Dream symbol “vines” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological terms, the dream symbol “vines” is a symbol of the Family or even the family tree of the dreamer.

In dream interpretation, the deep roots of the vine represent the connection to the ancestors. The dreamer becomes aware in the dream that his personality arises from the shared experiences has developed.

Furthermore, vines embody fertility and transience at the same time. Plants develop from the soil, which in turn absorbs dead bodies and converts them into dust. In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol can therefore refer to an unconscious Fear of death indicate.

In dream interpretation, vines are also considered a dream symbol for eternal life force and express the great Life energy of the dreamer or his desire for it.

In dream interpretation, the vine juice, the wine, is a motif for exuberant celebrations. In this context, the dream symbol “vines” expresses the dreamer’s unconscious desire for more participation in social life. The dream shows the unfulfilled need for more joy in life.

The wine made from the grapes also refers, on a psychological level, to the blood sacrifice that occurs in many cultures. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “vines” is an indication that the dreamer has to give up something else for the sake of his personal development.

Dream symbol “vines” – the spiritual interpretation

On a transcendent level, the dream symbol means “vines” spiritual growth and fertility. It is a favorable sign for the mental development of the dreamer.

In addition, in spiritual dream interpretation, the vine is a sign for due to its connection to the gods immortality and wisdom.

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