Vervet monkey – dream interpretation

Vervet monkeys are medium-sized primates that live primarily in trees. This primate genus is native to Africa south of the Sahara. The vervet monkeys live in groups and their diet consists primarily of fruit. But leaves, flowers, seeds and insects can also be found on their menu.

The vervet monkeys have a slim body and a round head. They also have long hind limbs and a long tail. The color of their fur ranges from yellow-green to bluish-gray to reddish-brown and black. Most species have fur markings on their faces, such as whiskers or a nose patch.

Dream symbol “vervet monkey” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, the dream image “monkey monkey” contains one warning from lies and fraud. In waking life, the dreamer should be wary of the evil intentions of other people around him and be careful.

If you see one or more vervet monkeys climbing or swinging from branch to branch in a dream, you are in for stupid things that you will commit or witness yourself. If a vervet monkey sits on a tree in a dream, you will be in the near future Success in various matters.

If the sleeper chases a vervet monkey in his dream, he will have arguments and arguments in his waking life Trouble have to set. If he is followed in his sleep by a pack of vervet monkeys, he often receives an indication of his fear of failure or of bad habits. If you are bitten by a vervet monkey in a dream, you should pay attention to your behavior in the waking world so as not to expose yourself to ridicule.

The color of the fur can also be important for the general interpretation of the dream symbol “vervet monkey”. From this you can usually get further clues about the message of the dream. In this case, it is therefore advisable to use the “colors” symbol or individual colors, such as yellow, gray, brown or even black.

Dream symbol “vervet monkey” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “vervet monkey” can be interpreted similarly to the dream image “monkey”. In this context, the dream can be seen as an invitation to one intellectual development and maturation can be understood.

If Sexualsymbol Seen in sleep, the vervet monkey can also indicate that a sexual relationship, in most cases your own partnership, lacks sexual depth. The dreamer may be afraid to express his needs in this area. He should therefore work on himself and share his desires with his partner.

Anyone who sees vervet monkeys in a cage or a zoo enclosure in their dream should become aware that they are standing in their own way in the waking world and thereby hindering their intellectual progress. If the dreamer sees vervet monkeys in their natural environment in Africa, he should possibly suppress them Character traits occupy.

If the dreamer observes vervet monkeys eating fruit or seeds and leaves in the dream, then it would be advisable for him to focus on satisfying his needs needs and to discuss desires. He should not be afraid to express these in his waking life or to fulfill them.

Dream symbol “vervet monkey” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the symbol “vervet monkey” as an expression of the instinct-driven parts of one’s personality. However, this must be accepted for a transcendent further development

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