Velvet – dream interpretation

Velvet is a wonderfully soft material that was already produced in the Middle Ages. At that time, however, the noble fiber was only reserved for the wealthy. Those people who could afford to wrap themselves in velvet robes.

Velvet - dream interpretation

In the past, velvet was made from silk. Today, however, it consists mainly of cotton or synthetic fibers. Velvet is particularly popular because of its comfortable wearing properties.

It feels very soft and supple on the skin and the shiny look also awakens many erotic fantasies. Are you perhaps longing for a sensual experience? Or what does a dream about velvet mean?

Dream symbol “velvet” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation sees wearing velvet in the dream as a warning to the dreamer, because he tends to behave arrogantly in the waking world. In addition, the dream image can also give him one positive recognition in the form of an honor or award.

As a dream symbol, velvet can also be an expression of striving for more prestige and validity. However, the dreamer should be careful not to get too lost in materialistic thinking. Otherwise, he will quickly lose touch with reality and forget what values ​​are really important in life.

If you wear velvet in a dream, you may be overextending yourself when trying to achieve your very high expectations Goals to reach. So take a step back and slow down your ambition.

The beautiful shimmer of velvet can also have a very tempting effect on the dreamer in dreams. He may touch the fabric very gently or gently stroke it. This dream situation expresses that you feel a strong desire to escape your usual everyday life. The touch of velvet also expresses how much you long for a loved one and their closeness.

Old, worn velvet, on the other hand, indicates that you are on a very high horse and excessive pride will have a detrimental effect on success and reputation.

Dream symbol “velvet” – the psychological interpretation

If you follow the interpretation of old dream books, the dream image “velvet” embodies discord and disagreements in waking life. Newer interpretations see the noble material as symbolic in a psychological context luxury and sensuality. Here too, the exact dream content influences the interpretation.

Touching velvet, for example, is interpreted similarly to the general analysis. However, here we look more at the emotional level of the dreamer. If he caresses something made of velvet in a dream, he may lack affection and human closeness in real life. The dreamer longs very much for love and empathetic care.

If a man sees a woman dressed in velvet in the dream world, he has tender feelings for a female person in waking life. He feels strongly drawn to her. However, he is still very cautious about his attempts to get closer to this woman and reveal his feelings to her.

According to psychological dream interpretation, the dream image “velvet” appeals to the dreamer more modesty when he himself is wrapped in velvet in a dream. If he carries his nose too high, he will quickly come across as arrogant to those around him. He should not forget that even the most beautiful shine will fade at some point.

Dream symbol “velvet” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “velvet” is a symbol of spiritual gentleness.

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