Veil – dream interpretation

Veils are usually used to cover the hair, parts of the face or the entire head. They are usually made of light materials such as tulle or chiffon and are permeable like a net.

In many cases, wearing a veil is done for reasons of tradition. For example, it is traditional for many brides to wear a bridal veil to the wedding and to make it part of the wedding dress during the wedding ceremony. Sometimes such veils are combined with a sparkling tiara or a traditional myrtle wreath.

When the veil appears to us as a symbol in our dreams, it always has a special symbolic meaning. The specific circumstances under which the item of clothing plays a role in the dream must always be taken into account when interpreting the dream image.

Dream symbol “veil” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, seeing a veil is considered a warning Frauddeception and Defamation. If the dreamer sees a person with a veil in the dream, he can easily be manipulated and taken advantage of by those around him. Some people may only pretend to have friendly intentions. You should think carefully about who you can really trust.

General dream analysis sees the opposite in dream situations in which the sleeper himself wears a veil. In this case, it may be himself dishonesteither to those around you or to yourself. The dream symbol “veil” warns the dreamer not to deceive other people and not to lie to themselves.

Occasionally, such a dream situation in which one is wearing a veil can also indicate threatening demarcation to draw attention. In this case, the dreamer should be careful not to withdraw too much into loneliness. He needs to be more open.

The nature of the dreamed veil can also be important in the interpretation. For example, a mourning veil shows that feared sad events in private life will not occur. However, according to the general interpretation of dreams, the dreamer should be careful failure in the business sector. A blue veil, on the other hand, warns Adultery.

Wearing a bridal veil is fundamentally positive: pleasant and promising things await the dreamer, especially in a professional environment Changes.

However, if it is the veil of a foreign bride, the dream symbol symbolizes the danger of being disappointed in love matters. The same applies to dreams of a torn bridal veil: in such cases there is also a risk of dissatisfaction disappointment in the partnership.

If you see a harem lady hiding her face behind a thin veil in a dream, this can indicate trouble or deception in love matters.

Dream symbol “veil” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams has always seen the veil in dreams as a symbol of Secrets. The affected person may be trying to deceive their partner, hiding something or pretending.

The dream image of the veil suggests that he is afraid of being “unmasked” and then no longer being sufficient. According to psychoanalysts, there is often something behind this low self-confidence.

Occasionally the dream symbol “veil” can also appear according to this approach to dream interpretation Parts of the subconscious point out what the sleeper closes off from and what frightens him. He may tend to escape from reality, isolate himself, or not want to admit certain things. Even then, the dream image encourages you to work on your own self-esteem. The dreamer should learn to stand by himself and the different facets of himself.

According to psychological dream analysis, in the dreams of very young people the veil is also seen as a symbol of their own virginity. A bridal veil in particular symbolizes sexual innocence in the dreams of both young women and young men.

If the veil finally tears in the dream situation, the dream image symbolizes the defloration that has taken place.

Dream symbol “veil” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual belief, a veil appears in a dream hidden knowledge represents what the dreamer still has to uncover.

In addition, according to this approach to dream interpretation, the dream symbol “veil” can stand for anything mysterious or occult.

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