Vaccination 💉 including Corona and Covid19

Vaccination (technical term: vaccination) is one of the most common measures to protect against preventable diseases. For many diseases, mass vaccinations of students are carried out in schools or in hospitals during epidemics; However, a person receives most vaccinations from a doctor as a baby or toddler. These include measles, mumps, hepatitis B and tetanus.

Animals are also often vaccinated, both pets and farm animals or wild animals in zoos. For example, you receive vaccinations against rotavirus or rabies. Whether human or animal: every dose should be documented in a vaccination certificate.

Although vaccination has already achieved great success, it is still the subject of discussion and there are advocates and opponents. When the corona pandemic broke out in 2020 due to the rapid global spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the disease COVID-19, the newly developed vaccines led to some mistrust among the population: On the one hand, there was no data or long-term studies possible after-effects and the extent of the effectiveness of the substances. On the other hand, an end to the pandemic and the associated restrictions were not in sight without the majority being vaccinated.

The decision for or against a vaccination, for protection, the benefits and also the risks, is therefore difficult for most people and can possibly occupy them for a longer period of time – even in their dreams.

In order to understand a dream about a vaccine administration, it is important to remember as many dream details as possible, to analyze each individual dream symbol and then to put all interpretations into context. Maybe you can remember the disease you were vaccinated against? Where did the vaccination take place, in a doctor’s office, in a hospital or in a large vaccination center?

Dream symbol “vaccination” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream symbol “vaccination” can be seen as a physical sign be interpreted. This means that the dreamer is actually facing a vaccination in the waking world or is currently dealing with issues relating to an illness and the corresponding protection. This could be a flu vaccination or one against the corona virus. In particular, vaccinations that are considered new and therefore not well-tested can trigger such dreams.

On the other hand, vaccination in the dream can be interpreted as a hint to the dreamer that he should focus more on his logical thinking and his Mind should listen, especially if he gives someone more love and trust than they really deserve.

If the sleeper observes how small children are vaccinated in the dream to protect against measles, chickenpox, whooping cough or other typical childhood diseases, the symbol shows him, according to the general dream interpretation, that in the waking world he sees a person who is weak or helpless against external attacks tried to protect. Success depends on the reaction of the dreamed children: If they are well and healthy after the vaccination, the sleeper can safely protect the person in question in reality.

If the dreamer is to be vaccinated in the dream and receives an appointment for this – whether against smallpox, mumps or rubella does not matter – he should be in the waking world annoyances caught in the neighborhood. In this context, the dream symbol also shows him that he can get into trouble because he allows himself to be too ensnared by female charms.

If it is the corona virus and the disease COVID-19 that the dreamer is vaccinated against during his sleep experience, he remembers a long, difficult time. Despite all the renunciation and loss, these experiences are valuable for the rest of the life of the person affected. That’s why it makes sense to have a positive attitude towards bad memories.

If the dreamer watches other people being vaccinated in the dream, possibly in vaccination centers during mass vaccinations, the dream symbol “vaccination” symbolizes that he is strong desires cannot be fully satisfied in the waking world. This can also lead to losses in business matters.

Being successfully vaccinated and therefore protected and immune to a disease in the dream world symbolically indicates that there can be a real, positive turn in the sleeper’s life. Surprisingly, a bad expectation turns into a good one, happy result around. This interpretation approach applies both when the dreamer himself is vaccinated in the dream scene and when other people receive a vaccination.

Anyone who receives an injection of vaccine into the thigh or buttocks should actually be careful not to hit another person evil intentions to fall in. If the injection site of the vaccination swells afterwards, this can have consequences for the sleeper that are by no means pleasant.

Receiving a dose of vaccination in the upper arm, as a dream image, signals the inability to act. The person affected feels powerless and prefers to remain reserved rather than muster up strength and attempt to take action. If you give up, it’s your own discontent but already pre-programmed.

Dream symbol “vaccination” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, vaccination in the dream is viewed as one with regard to the unconscious protective measure interpreted. Although this hurts at first, like the symbolic prick of the syringe needle, it later turns out to be a useful experience.

If the dreamer is now vaccinated during the sleep experience, the psychological dream interpretation interprets this as – possibly also emotional – Injury by another person. In the end, however, this experience will be helpful and educational for the dreamer.

The dream symbol “vaccinate” also includes the suggestion that the dreamer is too quickly and too easily impressed by others and adopts the opinions of those around him. The dreamer unconsciously tries to become more resistant to external influences by vaccinating in the dream.

If the dreamer feels afraid of an illness, but also of vaccination in the dream, this dream situation shows him that in waking life he is defending himself against something that could actually be useful to him. Controversial vaccines such as AstraZeneca, which were used in the fight against the corona pandemic, show the dreaming person’s concern about having to give up a safe state and having to deal with it Uncertain having to deal with.

If the sleeper vaccinates another person in his dream, this shows him that he wants to impose his will and his ideas on others in the waking world. If you suddenly appear as a doctor in a white coat or are part of a nursing staff and draw up syringes for vaccinations, in reality you are acting outside your abilities and overestimating yourself.

Dream symbol “vaccination” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “vaccination” as an ideological one Influence on a spiritual level. If the dreamer receives a vaccine agent in the dream, his beliefs will be influenced and controlled from outside.

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