Upper arm – dream interpretation

We generally associate an upper arm with muscle strength. This is particularly the case with men, but women are also building their biceps and triceps these days.

The tissue on the upper arm in particular is often flabby if you don’t exercise regularly. Sleeveless dresses and tops are chic in summer, but according to many people they only really look good when the upper arms are toned. It remains to be seen whether aesthetics are actually more important than the comfortable wearing of short-sleeved clothing on hot summer days.

While for many women the visual aspect of a slim upper arm is important, for a man a muscular upper arm not only means attractiveness, but also physical and mental strength as well as success and protection.

If an upper arm plays a role in the dream, the dreamer may simply enjoy the aesthetics of a well-shaped body part. Maybe he dreams of watching someone workout or lifting weights himself.

When interpreting dreams, it is important in what context the upper arm stands and also what it looks like: Is it strong or thin? Does it belong to the dreamer himself or to another person?

Dream symbol “upper arm” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, every part of the body has a very specific meaning. The dream symbol “upper arm” is closely related to the hand and, in a broader sense, refers to the ability to act. An upper arm resting protectively or comfortingly on a person’s shoulders is pressing affection out of. Physical closeness in a dream symbolizes the inner connection between two people.

What is important in dream interpretation is what role the dreamer plays in his dream. If the upper arm belongs to him, the dream symbol expresses that the dreamer Strength and has the will to take care of someone close to you. If it is someone else who takes the dreamer in their arms, the upper arm is in dream interpretation a sign of the desire to be protected.

In popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol embodies strength and business success, provided it is a strong upper arm. If you see your own muscular upper arm in a dream, it indicates hard work, but also Power and health.

Above all, a bare upper arm promises material gain. A thin biceps, on the other hand, warns of impending poverty.

A broken upper arm is a dream symbol of hardship and danger that could befall the dreamer and his family. It is the bone in the elbow area that is at risk of being broken lossesmostly in the business and financial area.

Dream symbol “upper arm” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “upper arm” shows the possibilities of free will. With your arm you can shape and change your environment, create something, but also destroy it.

If the upper arm is used in a dream for a gesture of protection, the dream interpretation expresses the dreamer’s need to feel protected and cared for by his mother like a child again. On the other hand, a specific one can also be Character trait of the dreaming in the dream symbol. The dreamer may have a strong protective instinct himself.

Accordingly, paralysis of the upper arm in a dream is a signal that the dreamer feels restricted in his or her ability to act. In the dream, his subconscious points out existing blockages and inhibitions.

The dream symbol “upper arm” can also reflect an unconscious fear of the dreamer, because a strong arm can also be linked to violence. You can use it to beat or oppress others. The dream may be an indication of unprocessed Experiences of violence be.

On the other hand, you can also use your arms to protect yourself from blows or even actively use them for defense. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “upper arm” can also be an invitation to break away from the victim role.

Dream symbol “upper arm” – the spiritual interpretation

Arms not only have a practical use, they also provide Possibilities of expressionfor example by gesturing with them.

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol “upper arm” expresses the feelings and thoughts of the dreamer.

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