Underground car park – dream interpretation

Underground car parks are a practical, space-saving way to safely store your own car in the big city. Unlike a parking garage, which is built upwards, underground parking garages are built underground and can be accessed via a downward access road.

Underground car park - dream interpretation

There are public underground car parks that can be used for a fee, as well as those that belong to an apartment building or residential complex. There the car is dry and protected from theft, such as the beloved BMW, Audi or even the expensive sports car. However, for older cars that have actually long exceeded their service life and are now simply referred to as “rust houses”, sheltering them in a garage is not worth it – they are usually simply parked on the street, whatever the wind and weather.

An underground car park is a scary place for many people. There are few people there, it is cold and empty, the atmosphere is oppressive due to the low ceilings and the lighting is not particularly good. Robberies have often occurred here, which is why surveillance cameras are usually found in the rooms.

Women in particular often feel at risk in an underground car park. These aspects also play a role when it comes to the underground car park in dreams.

Dream symbol “underground car park” – the general interpretation

The underground car park has different meanings in general dream interpretation. Parking the car and leaving it in an underground car park, i.e. safely locked, can indicate that the dream urgently needs one Pause would need. The constant movement to new destinations, embodied by the car, should be interrupted; instead, the dreamer longs for retreat.

Interpreted negatively, the dream symbol means that the dreamer is stagnating on the emotional level and is no longer interested in new experiences.

In addition, the underground parking garage embodies this through its design, like everything underground Subconscious. When the dreamer parks his car there, he goes into his own subconscious and deals with repressed aspects.

If he has to look for a parking space for a long time or cannot find his car, he is probably dissatisfied without even thinking about it. This is where the subconscious draws attention to the fact that something is wrong. A barrier at the entrance that doesn’t work properly or problems with purchasing a parking ticket also indicate obstacles difficulties him.

If the underground car park is your own garage, which is located under the residential building, it can also meet the need for Schulz symbolize. Dreaming is looking for safety and security.

Dream symbol “underground car park” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, the dream of an underground car park is often a fear dream. Women in particular often dream of being alone in an underground car park at night. The dream symbol opens up Primal fears alert to pursuers.

If people appear in it that the dreamer knows, this can mean that he does not trust them or is subconsciously afraid of them – after all, he is in his own subconscious through this dream image. It can also be about the own abysses act that the dreamer is afraid of. Depending on how he feels during the dream, further conclusions can be drawn for the interpretation.

Dream symbol “underground car park” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, the underground car park can be seen as a dream symbol for… unconscious and Hidden ones interpret.

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