UFO attack – dream interpretation

“UFO” is the abbreviation for “Unidentified Flying Object”. In our society, this term is often used in connection with the question of whether there are living beings in space other than those on Earth, and whether aliens exist that could possibly travel the Earth in a spaceship. This scenario is often discussed, especially in films.

In the world of films and books, aliens are sometimes evil, wanting to conquer our world or even wipe out humanity. In some films and series productions, however, extraterrestrials are also portrayed as friendly contemporaries who work together with humans and even enter into partnership relationships.

In addition to the fact that it is depicted in films, we can also experience this horror scenario in our dreams. Some people dream of UFO attacks and experience fear and a feeling of helplessness and powerlessness. But how can a UFO attack be interpreted as a dream symbol?

Dream symbol “UFO attack” – the general interpretation

According to general opinion, a UFO in a dream can indicate that the person concerned is having difficulty understanding their sense of the world reality to protect. He loses himself too quickly in certain ideas that are the consequences of his own imagination. These ideas may scare him and make him doubt that he is on the right path in life.

If something threatening comes from the UFO in the dream, if it even attacks here, this symbolizes that the affected person’s negative thoughts are taking over in their everyday life and they are becoming more and more Fears about the future developed. He should therefore understand the dream as an invitation to look at situations realistically. At the same time, it is important that he learns to believe in himself and his own abilities.

If changes come to him, this does not always mean a deterioration in his position or his everyday life. Rather, these can also be new findings and opportunities entail. As long as the dreamer believes in himself, everything will ultimately turn out well and his fears will prove to be unfounded.

Dream symbol “UFO attack” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically, a UFO attack can occur in a dream internal conflicts and symbolize the imbalance of the person affected. According to the psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, the symbol expresses an inner turmoil. The dream may possibly suffer from one low self-confidenceunder certain circumstances this feeling even prevents him from giving in to his primal instincts and drives.

If you dream of a UFO attack, it shows that the person affected longs to show and live out their feelings, but is afraid of doing so. The dream should be as warning of the subconscious can be understood as allowing emotions. Otherwise, the dream threatens to ultimately head towards a negative development.

Dream symbol “UFO attack” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of interpretation, a dreamed UFO attack symbolizes one spiritual threat, a danger that the dreamer cannot assess. This could possibly even come from the person affected by underestimating their own urges.

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