Turtle – dream interpretation

A turtle is a reptile that is found all over the world. Some species live in water, such as the sea turtle, while others live on land. The snapping turtle is notorious because it is said to be particularly fond of biting and an aggressive turtle. However, experts assure that – like all living things – it uses its powerful jaws as a weapon only for defensive purposes. The sea-dwelling loggerhead turtle is famous for the horny plates on its shell, the tortoiseshell popular for making jewelry and art objects, and unfortunately its species is also threatened.

Turtle - dream interpretation

A turtle is associated with slowness, but also longevity. Some species live to be 150 years old. The shell offers good protection against enemies, but also makes the animal very immobile. If you turn a turtle on its back, it is completely helpless.

There is nothing alarming about a dream about a turtle, provided the reptile does not attack.

Perhaps the dreamer would like to touch her shell or swim with her in the sea. In dream interpretation, there is a significant difference whether the turtle lives in the water or on land, but also what happens to the dream animal.

Dream symbol “turtle” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “turtle” is a symbol of dream interpretation patience and Schutz. A turtle usually moves very slowly on land, as if it had all the time in the world. Given its life expectancy, it has it, but ultimately the lifespan of this animal is also limited.

In a dream, the turtle is a reminder to take more time for yourself the essentials to take and appreciate the moment. With patience and perseverance you can reach your goal without rushing. When you dream of a big turtle, there is also a greater urgency to take more care of yourself; For a small turtle, a short break is enough to regain strength. Depending on the personality of the dreamer, the turtle in the dream can also be a request to react a little faster in some situations.

Many turtles in dreams show that not only the dreamer, but also those around him are rushed through everyday life. The fact that those around you live in a similar way to the dreamer himself promotes the bad way of life because it is perceived as normal. At this point in the waking world you should ask yourself whether you shouldn’t focus more on your own well-being.

The turtle’s hard shell hides and protects the soft core, similar to armor. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol embodies on the one hand the vulnerability and sensitivity of the dreamer, on the other hand it illustrates his ability to counteract this Attacks to arm.

If you see a tortoise in a dream, the dream symbol often has the meaning of Earth connection and creates a connection to the childhood of the dreamer. You may find yourself in a situation in which you have to represent the values ​​that have shaped you to the outside world. In the dream of a water turtle, the emotions of the dreamer are primarily reflected.

The turtle’s long life expectancy makes it a dream symbol in dream interpretation sound Health appear. In addition, the sight of them in the dream promises secret joy and the prospect of an advocate who may pave the way for the dreamer in their careers.

If you kill the animal in a dream, the protector will turn away from you. Finding a dead turtle, injured or sick turtle also means a departure from the mentor, albeit due to external circumstances. If a turtle bites, this dream image symbolizes the dreamer’s lack of attention. Something is changing in the person’s life, but they don’t have the time to be receptive to it.

On the other hand, eating the reptile is positive in dream interpretation: with the help of great effort you become one Success achieve. If you dream that a turtle is running towards the sea, the dream symbol signals that a good friend is in a helpless situation and needs the support of the dreaming person.

Dream symbol “turtle” – the psychological interpretation

On a psychological level, the turtle is the dream symbol for the dreamer’s insecurity and sensitivity, but also for his closedness. If you dream of a turtle, you may tend to retreat into your protective shell when faced with inconveniences like this. You should ask yourself whether even the slightest approach is blocked by others. This could be a serious indication in dream interpretation communication and Contact difficulties be.

On the other hand, the dream symbol “turtle” is also a dream symbol in dream interpretation Guardian animal for particularly sensitive natures. Perhaps the dreamer often reacts very emotionally and prefers to withdraw in such moments for fear of being vulnerable.

The dreamer should become aware of the situations in which he feels the need to protect himself and whether he is currently offended by something. At the same time, he must learn to use his hidden strengths.

A turtle emerging from the water signals in dream interpretation that the dreamer should go out more. If, on the other hand, the animal disappears into the water in the dream, the dream symbol indicates that the strength to defend oneself is weakening and that it is advisable to retreat for a while.

Dream symbol “turtle” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, the dream symbol embodies “turtle” in dream interpretation wisdom and the Possession of ancient wisdom. It is closely linked to the act of creation and therefore also stands for fertility, health and immortality.

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