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“Look ahead and don’t turn around” – According to Greek legend, the hero Orpheus had to follow this instruction in order to free his wife Eurydice from the underworld. But since he couldn’t hear her footsteps, he turned around and Eurydice disappeared back into the underworld.

Turning around rarely has such tragic consequences. However, sometimes it can be uncomfortable to turn around. Especially when you’re running away from something or don’t want to see something and suddenly have to turn around. Objects also sometimes have to be rotated in order to use them. Sometimes you turn the laundry inside out so that it doesn’t get damaged in the washing machine. And even a pancake needs to be turned at least once.

We would like to take a closer look at what turning around can signal in dreams in the following article.

Dream symbol “turn over” – the general interpretation

If you have to keep turning around in your dream, as a dreamer you generally get a hint of this through this dream symbol real fear from enemies. The dreamer is actually in a dangerous situation in the waking world.

However, his dream does not necessarily have to refer to physical danger. This may also hide his fear of a professional rival. This person may try to harm him through slander. With the dream of turning around, the subconscious wants to point out this danger again so that the dreamer can prepare accordingly.

If the dreamer feels pursued by something in his dream and therefore keeps turning around, according to the general dream interpretation it is shown to him that he still has something to do unclear problems fears. He definitely wants to avoid them in the waking world. However, if he stops in the dream and consciously turns around, he can now also face these difficulties in real life. He is internally ready for this and can now deal with it consciously.

If the dreamer hears his name and therefore turns around in the dream, this dream situation gives him the indication that he will soon have one important task is transmitted. He should now prepare and accept this new task.

Turning around with a car as a dream symbol shows the dreamer that he has one in his life wrong way hit. This can be both the private and professional areas in the world of security. The dreamer should therefore take a close look at his life situation in order to be able to change course.

Dream symbol “turn over” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “turn around” as one warning of the subconscious. This calls on the dreamer to always focus on his goal and not to turn away from it.

If the dreamer turns around in his dream due to feelings of persecution, he should realize that he should accept the insights he has made earlier in his waking life. Even if he doesn’t appreciate them at the moment, they will be helpful to him in the future.

Dream symbol “turn over” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “turn around” refers to a false spiritual goal of the dreamer. He becomes one in the waking world Kurskorrektur have to do.

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