Trenches – dream interpretation

A form of fortification in the field is called a trench. The trench offers the shooters good cover from both the front and the back when firing. To ward off surprise attacks, trenches were often additionally secured with barbed wire.

In addition, the trench usually has an angular shape, so that the soldiers are better protected if a grenade hits the trench or if enemies penetrate. A trench in a zigzag shape is also known as a splitter trench. The term trench is often associated with the First World War. Because this war was characterized by trench warfare.

But why does a trench appear to us in a dream? What message does this dream image carry?

Dream symbol “trenches” – the general interpretation

The sight of a trench in a dream can be interpreted differently depending on whether it appears in a woman’s or a man’s dream. If men dream of a trench, this can, according to general dream analysis, make it clear that they will soon have to deal with matters that… National defense will be useful.

If a woman sees a trench in her dream, she should realize that she is one evil influence is exposed. She should therefore carefully check the intentions of the people around her so that she does not allow herself to be caught.

If the trench appears in connection with the dream symbol “war” or “ammunition”, the dreamer should be aware of it Conflicts keep away in the waking world. Because these will only harm him. Soldiers sitting in a trench, perhaps wearing gas masks, usually bring changes to reality. However, this dream situation can also encourage more disciplined behavior.

If you have to dig a trench with a spade in your dream, you will generally soon learn something about yourself that you did not already know about yourself. This can be a previously unrecognized skill or a Secret act.

Dream symbol “trenches” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “trenches” as similar to a fight in a dream. Thus, such a dream can refer to one mental conflict of the dreaming. This inner conflict can also cause arguments with other people and upsets.

If the dreamer sees himself exhausted with a weapon in his hand in a trench in a dream, there should be more for him in the waking world Health do. This can include a healthy diet and exercise, but also taking a break if necessary. You shouldn’t put too much strain on your body.

If you are wounded or even shot while sleeping in a trench, you should realize that you are because of one mental conflict Feelings or character traits suppressed. It would be advisable to deal with this behavior in waking life.

If the sleeper dies in a trench during an attack, he will face the end of a phase in his life. But he will bring this to a good end because of his self-confidence.

Dream symbol “trenches” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the symbol of the trench in the dream can indicate the dreamer’s longing for a transcendent Schutz Clues. He does not want to helplessly expose his spiritual self to other people.

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