Torment – dream interpretation

The word “torment” has found its way into many proverbs – we have them “Spoiled for Choice”when we cannot decide or suffer “torment from hell”, for example when we suffer from heartbreak. Many a poet writes about the torment that his loved one causes him by not listening to him or by keeping him waiting.

Torment is also a common term when it comes to animal welfare. Dogs that are bred with a shortened snout or fish whose fins are far too long, making it difficult for them to move forward, are considered “torture breeding.” And torture is also often mentioned in documentaries about factory farming with all its terrible consequences for the animals.

In Christian teaching, believers are warned of the torments in hell that await them if they live a life contrary to Christian commandments. In some cultures, believers who have committed sin whip and scourge themselves to repent before God. At the same time, people experience torment when they are chronically seriously ill physically or mentally and are in constant pain. In this case, many a desperate patient has already chosen suicide as a last resort.

If we encounter torment or torture in a dream, it can initially frighten and unsettle us. But don’t worry: as a dream symbol, torments draw attention to inner conflicts and are therefore to be understood in a figurative sense.

Dream symbol “torment” – the general interpretation

The torment in the dream represents unprocessed events or feelingsthat concern the dreamer. Anyone who has to suffer pain or is even tortured in a dream often draws their own attention to a suppressed suffering.

This suffering is rarely of a physical nature, but more often it is about you mental pain. This can be due to unfulfilled love, but if the dreamer feels badly treated or abandoned by friends, this can also manifest itself in dreams of torment and pain. Enduring the torment, suffering and enduring in silence usually represents TrostHelp is on the way, and it’s worth being patient.

In some cases, however, patient endurance can also represent a warning that the dreamer will get into an unfortunate situation or experience bad things through no fault of their own.

Anyone who torments or torments other people or animals in a dream, perhaps out of sadism, probably feels unhappiness or pain. So it’s not about the “evil” characteristics of the dreamer, but about the suffering that he feels.

Chills can also be perceived as torture in dreams. This dream situation then indicates weak health that you should do something about.

Dream symbol “torment” – the psychological interpretation

If someone dreams of torture or torment, there may be a real physical suffering behind it. Most of the time, however, it is a psychological pain that has so far remained unprocessed and is now forcing itself on the dreamer with the help of blatant, violent images.

If he tortures other living beings, it is one projection of his own pain, he may feel restricted, depressed or unhappy with his life or his current situation and punishes himself (in the dream the self is represented by the other person or the animal).

If such dreams occur more often, the dreamer should ask himself what he blames himself for, what is the cause of his aggressions could be that he unconsciously directs against himself. Suppressing and denying suffering will only lead to more suffering in the long run.

Dream symbol “torment” – the spiritual interpretation

Spiritually, the dream symbol “torment” means, similar to the dream symbol “torture”, that the dreamer is in an inner contradiction located. He stands between Gut and Evilwho fight for dominance within him.

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