topple over – dream interpretation

Many things can overturn both in reality and in the dream world. Therefore, not only the symbol itself is important for dream analysis, but the dream context also plays an important role. Because there are completely different interpretations as to whether an object, such as a glass, or the dreamer himself tips over in the dream.

Therefore, when interpreting your dream, also include the aspects of other dream symbols you have seen and you will find the “correct” interpretation for your dream.

Dream symbol “overturn” – the general interpretation

If you see yourself falling over in your dream, according to the general dream interpretation, your own load limit be aware. Because this has just been clearly exceeded in the waking world and the dreamer has expected too much of himself. He should now try to free himself from this overload and get back to normal.

If the dreamer observes another person in his dream who falls over and faints, in the waking world he should focus his attention on the people around him. Because here is someone who wants to make himself popular in a very clumsy way. The dreamer should look behind this behavior and ask himself the reasons for it.

If a person falls over because he or she suffers a cramp like an epilepsy attack, they experience stress in the waking world. If you recognize the person who has fallen in a dream, you should ask when you wake up whether you can help. If you are the one experiencing a bout of weakness, it is advisable to take a break.

Objects falling over in a dream refer to the general interpretation of dreams bad luck and sorrowful times. The dreamer should prepare for these developments in good time. In this way he will be able to avoid the worst.

In this context, however, the respective object in the dream also has particular importance. Therefore, the aspects of the corresponding dream symbol should also be used for a detailed dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “overturn” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets falling over in the dream, which is accompanied by fainting, as a sign of helplessness of the dreamer.

In addition, this dream image can indicate a lack of personal responsibility in the waking world. The dreamer may have been thrown off track in his life by an event or by another person. However, if he became aware of this through his dream of falling over, he should investigate the cause in waking life. If he can then eliminate or process these, he will no longer feel helpless at the mercy of external influences.

If you consciously overturn something in a dream, you should think about your current situation difficulties in the waking world. Because the dreamer himself caused this. He should therefore not blame other people for his problems, but rather look within himself.

If something falls over in a dream due to carelessness, such as a car in an accident or a paddle boat in the water, psychological dream analysis should show you that your own intolerance is preventing further development of your personality.

Dream symbol “overturn” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, in the dream situation that the sleeper falls over in his dream, the fear of a possible Loss of control show in the waking world.

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