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A top is a piece of clothing that is worn on the upper body. This can be a shirt, a blouse, a tank top or a T-shirt, but also a long-sleeved sweatshirt, possibly with a hood, a sweater or a cardigan. For most people it is very important that the top matches the pants or skirt so that both together create a harmonious outfit.

The garment says a lot about the person wearing it. Someone who prefers silk is a different type of person than someone who prefers to wrap themselves in easy-care cotton. Strong colors reveal a different character than inconspicuous tones. And someone who doesn’t seem to care at all about which top he wears with which pants is taking a stand.

Anyone who dreams of a top unconsciously thinks about their wardrobe. Perhaps there is a special occasion coming up for which clothing should be chosen carefully. The type and condition of the top play an important role in dream interpretation. The decoration can also be important. Was the top perhaps plain or richly decorated with sequins?

Dream symbol “top” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “top” is closely related to the aspect of identity tied together. In the dream you deal with the question of how you see yourself and which parts of yourself you want to present to your environment.

In dream interpretation, wearing a top that is unfamiliar to the dreamer shows which role he would like to try out. If he takes off a T-shirt or sweatshirt in a dream that he often wears in real life, this shows the need to slip out of his old skin and get old Role behavior to put down.

Specifically, a sweater as a warming top embodies the longing for security and affection. As a dream symbol, a shirt or blouse reflects passions and desires, which can also, but not only, have a sexual character.

In dream interpretation, a particularly chic top is a symbol of the beautiful sides of life. The dreamer appreciates the amenities and expresses this in the dream through his awareness of fashion and quality.

If a blouse or shirt looks sloppy, for example because it is poorly ironed or perhaps not entirely clean, the dream symbol can indicate a certain thing Casualness of the dreaming. He confidently defies convention, or at least he would like to act that way.

However, if the dream symbol is associated with a feeling of embarrassment, this shows in the dream interpretation that the dream is his carelessness and lack of care weakness feels. If the top is too tight in the dream, you may want to free yourself from social constraints. If it is sporty, the dream symbol calls for more leisure activity and relaxation.

Dream symbol “top” – the psychological interpretation

Clothing is always an indication of our identity. By consciously choosing skirts, pants and matching tops, we express ourselves Self-perception or what we would like to show others about ourselves.

With the dream symbol “top” certain parts of the personality that could be considered character weaknesses can be concealed. A shirt or sweater protects the sensitive upper body from the cold as well as unwanted touches and looks.

If the dreamer takes off the top in the dream, his mistakes, but also his erotic wishes and desires, become visible. In dream interpretation, this can sometimes seem like an act of liberation, but it can also represent the fear of exposure.

In dream interpretation, wearing a top is closely linked to the expectation of a certain role. The dream symbol can be in this context Personality parts indicate that in real life are only perceived unconsciously.

Has a Mann If you wear a clearly feminine top in the dream, such as a blouse with ruffles, lace or flounces, the dream symbol is an invitation to emphasize your own feminine side – which is also in every man – more strongly.

Conversely, a dream in which a… Frau Seeing herself in a typical male uniform suggests that she should take more into account her masculine, masculine strengths.

If the dream symbol “top” has an erotic character, for example a transparent blouse, a very tight-fitting top or T-shirt, this can, in the dream interpretation, express the longing for sexual adventures, but also the rejection of eroticism.

Dream symbol “top” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “top” embodies spiritual protection on the transcendental level. The Color of the item of clothing in the dream is also important: blue stands for meditative relaxation, violet expresses spiritual progress and brown is a sign of the grounding of the dreamer.

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