Tobacco – dream interpretation

Tobacco was considered a sacred plant by the indigenous people of North America and was often used in sacred rituals. A tobacco pipe was used primarily for necromancy and the associated trance state.

In the Arab world, the shisha, the water pipe, in which tobacco smoke was passed through water and inhaled, became widespread for communal enjoyment. Such pipes are still popular today, as are the traditional tobacco pipes that the detective character Sherlock Holmes enjoyed.

The interesting question is how the dream symbol “tobacco” is interpreted. Let’s take a look:

Dream symbol “tobacco” – the general interpretation

Since in earlier times almost exclusively men smoked, early general dream interpretation interpreted the dream symbol “tobacco” as a sign of masculinity. In modern dream interpretation, tobacco represents a dream symbol joyful times. Chewing tobacco or spitting tobacco into a spittoon can also be interpreted in this way.

Pipes, cigars and cigarettes are also closely linked to tobacco in dreams. These interpret as phallic symbols sexual desires and desires. Tobacco smoke in a dream generally indicates fruitless efforts that will symbolically quickly dissolve into smoke.

Anyone who processes tobacco with cannabis into a joint in a dream and smokes it will lose something in their life: the dreamer should be in front of you Loss of control guard.

When interpreting the dream symbol “tobacco” it should also be taken into account whether the dreamer is a smoker or non-smoker in the waking world. Depending on the situation, tobacco can be interpreted differently in dreams. For a smoker, tobacco can symbolize a stimulant in a dream. For a non-smoker, the tobacco in the dream represents the attainment of a certain mental or state of consciousness.

The sight of the tobacco plant or the leaves generally means success in business matters, but little luck in love affairs. Growing tobacco as a dream symbol announces Luck in various projects. If the dreamer uses tobacco in the dream, this can be interpreted as a warning about rivals and exaggeration. Dried tobacco leaves as a dream symbol represent a good harvest for a farmer, but rich profits for a trader.

If the dreamer smokes tobacco in a pipe in the dream, he should realize that he is in the waking world unnecessary plans forges. Even smoking a cigarette shows the dreamer that he is annoying to another person. If he sees other people smoking in a dream, he will soon be harassed by unpleasant people. An ashtray as a smoking utensil indicates an indifferent attitude towards bad habits.

Dream symbol “tobacco” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological side of dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “tobacco” as a sign of positive changes. Because tobacco in dreams is one of the mood-boosting substances and can at the same time scare away evil phenomena.

Smoking tobacco in a dream can also be associated with negative feelings. Then the dreamer should become aware that he goes through life rather anxiously and likes to take refuge in a dream world.

If the dreamer inhales the tobacco smoke in a dream with one lungful, the psychological interpretation of the dream means that he often “sucks in” negative things into himself.

Smoking a pipe with tobacco as a dream symbol embodies the surprising Determinationthat your own home can be a very comfortable place. Another psychological interpretation of the dream symbol “tobacco” is to show useless efforts. Because these will literally go up in smoke.

Dream symbol “tobacco” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation sees a path in the dream symbol “tobacco”. spiritual visions and insights.

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