Tires – dream interpretation

A tire is shaped like a ring and can be made of different materials. In gymnastics, animal training or when used as children’s toys, the tires are made of wood, while railway tires are made of metal. A hoop skirt is an underskirt with a hoop that holds the fabric tightly and keeps it in shape. The wheel of a bicycle or car is covered with a rubber tire.

This is usually filled with air so that it can compensate for unevenness. Optimal tire pressure absorbs shocks and ensures a comfortable driving experience. Disused tires are often reused with a lot of creativity: as swings or original seating, as art objects and play equipment for children.

If someone dreams of tires, they may be worried about their mobility. If there is a hole or crack in it, you cannot use your car or bike. The dream may be trying to repair or change a tire. Maybe he’ll also go to a mechanic for this. He probably feels the weight and also the enormous strength of the material. The aspect of moving forward is particularly important for dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “tires” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Flat! The dream tire is running out of air

According to dream analysis, a flat tire often indicates that the dreamer is not making any progress in his life at the moment. The path he has chosen may turn out to be bumpy. The person affected lacks the backbone to overcome obstacles and problems. In dream interpretation, air embodies life energy; If a tire lacks this air in the dream, the dreamer in his current situation lacks the strength to survive in everyday life.

Dream symbol “tires” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “tires” refers, on the one hand, to movement and, on the other hand, to the softening of shocks. Ultimately, life means being constantly on the move. The path is often bumpy and rocky. The tire in the dream symbolizes oneself Puffer, which cushions low blows and failures so that the dreamer finds them less painful. Friendships or family ties can take on this function in real life.

The dream symbol also shows that the dreamer is following Changes longs. The faster the tire rolls, the greater and faster the revolution. According to dream interpretation, a stationary tire, on the other hand, expresses stagnation, i.e. lack of movement. A person or a certain circumstance in the dreamer’s life inhibits his development.

According to popular dream interpretation, putting on a tire yourself in a dream predicts that all ventures that the dreamer begins will fail. A bursting car tire is also a negative omen as a dream symbol: the hopes that the dreamer secretly harbors will not be fulfilled so soon.

Is this Material Wood or iron, the dream of a tire announces one permanent connection at. Wooden barrels are held together by metal hoops. If you dream of hitting him over the barrel, the dream symbol promises new acquaintances. The dreamer should maintain the fresh relationships so that they stick together.

In dream interpretation, seeing children playing with a hoop expresses the joy of simple pleasures.

Dream symbol “tires” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream symbol “tire” is a symbol of the forces that drive the dream and move it forward. The movement rotating around itself in the dream points to the Kern towards existence. The subconscious shows the dreamer the pivotal point of his existence.

Losing your tire means no longer seeing the meaning of life. In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol is a Warning signalthat the dreamer should reflect on his essential wishes so that he can maintain his motivation and his mental balance.

In addition, the dream symbol is an expression of self-confidence and appreciation of one’s own self. The condition of the tire is therefore very informative for dream interpretation:

If there is not enough air in it, so that the tire is limp and soft, the dreamer is in danger of losing confidence in their own abilities. The dream makes him aware that he… setbacks, which he recently received, has not yet processed properly. That’s why he now lacks the energy to move on. The dream symbol signals that psychologically you are currently running out of steam.

An over-inflated tire, on the other hand, indicates an overinflated ego in dream interpretation. If you have a spare tire available in the dream, it represents the mental reserve from which the dreamer can draw. In dream interpretation, worn tires indicate a feeling of powerlessness.

Dream symbol “tires” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, the tire represents movement and perfection at the same time. As a ring, the dream symbol expresses eternity, and as a rolling object it represents the flow of life.

In spiritual dream interpretation, a dream about a tire reflects this Self-image of the dreamer, with whom he moves forward on the path of his mental development.

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