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The tiger is one of the large cats of prey that can also be dangerous to humans. It has powerful, large claws and a strong jaw with sharp fangs. His striped fur provides him with perfect camouflage so he can sneak up on his prey. The tail, which is also striped, indicates the predator’s mood. A tiger can also be reminiscent of the already extinct saber-toothed tiger.

However, it is also this noble, pretty fur that has made the tiger very popular with poachers in some regions and made it endangered. The few tiger species that still exist in the wild can be found in the countries of Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam, among others. For example, the great Bengal tiger, the Sumatran tiger and the Indochinese tiger live here. Only a few examples of the Siberian tiger remain in the wild and hunt for prey; The impressive Caspian tiger became extinct in the 1950s, along with numerous other species.

Most people only know the tiger live from the circus ring or the zoo. In some zoos and national parks this species is bred to save it from extinction. In the wild, the tiger lives in jungles, swamps and grasslands.

Large cats such as tigers and lions are very fascinating to people. They move with elegance and impress with their behavior. In dreams, the tiger appears quite often as a dream image, especially for women, and it does not always immediately threaten danger. But the tiger can also appear as a dream animal as a plush toy, in connection with children or experiences from one’s own childhood.

The tiger is a powerful animal that deserves respect. If the big cat appears in a dream, this usually has a high symbolic value. Now find out in which dream plots a tiger appears particularly often – and why.

Dream symbol “tiger” – The most common dreams about the symbol

A tiger cub, what a sweet dream animal!

Even a tiger cub already has the potential for its future strength, energy and wild beauty, even if the kitten appears harmless and cute as a baby. As the tiger cub grows, people should distance themselves more and more.

As a dream symbol, a young tiger refers to the dreaming person’s maternal or paternal feelings, similar to what a tigress probably has. It is possible that you feel very attracted to your own child or the offspring from your close environment and are looking for closeness. The dreamer appreciates childlike lightheartedness and playfulness.

According to the psychological interpretation, the baby animal can represent the repressed sexual urges and aggressions; As long as the dream animal remains small, these animalistic desires can be easily controlled.

Sometimes a friend, sometimes an enemy: the tiger in a dream

A pet that not everyone has… A peaceful dream tiger

What a wonderful dream in which you have a tiger as a friend. You can stroke the tiger’s fur and cuddle with your tamed pet without any fear. If you dream of having such a tiger in your house, you may have someone close to you that you want or need to take care of. In contrast, stroking a tiger signals that in the waking world you are dealing with an argumentative, aggressive person; The dreamed caress is a sign that you would like to avoid the argument with this person. At the same time, the dreamer deals with his urges and holds back his unbridled desire.

Attack. Help, I’m being chased by a tiger!

The dream of being chased and attacked by a wild, angry tiger is anything but pleasant. If you are being chased by a tiger in your dream, it is your feelings and urges that currently seem uncontrollable.

If the animal has caught up and attacks the dreamer, the dreamer is warned about desire for revenge in the waking world. Someone is not well disposed towards the dreamer and wants to disadvantage him. According to dream analysis, the tiger attack in which you are bitten by the tiger shows that you should not get involved with or mess with an aggressive person. This symbolic animal bite can also mean an “enemy”, for example a competitor in professional life.

An exciting fight against a tiger in a dream shows that you have problems suppressing your instincts. Anger, passion, lust – all of this comes to the surface, and in unbridled proportions. If you survive an attack by a powerful tiger in your dream, you will soon be able to control yourself again. The tiger that eats man has power over him. Symbolically, this dream situation represents the defeat against one’s own instincts and the animalistic: reason takes a back seat.

Three tigers appear in the dream world, oh well!

In dream symbolism, the number 3 stands for united opposites on the one hand, and stability on the other: three feet are more stable than two. If three tigers suddenly appear in your sleep, these dream animals represent the duality of life. This means that opposites are compatible, such as the wild and the beautiful, the graceful and the aggressive. Now the sleeper is asked to unite his own inner contradictions. After all, every person has character traits that don’t fit together well.

As soon as the three tigers can be observed in the wild, the dreaming person should be on guard: malicious people are just waiting to harm the dreamer. This is usually a smaller group of people.

Leopard & Tiger as a cat duo. The dream analysis

Like the tiger, the leopard is also a big cat that is powerful and a powerful hunter. However, these wild animals differ slightly in their dream symbolism, because the leopard has a greater degree of cunning than the tiger, which has more energy and striking power. In a dream, the smaller leopard warns against “ripping off” other people and urges them to be more honest. Having a great fighting spirit is a good thing, but you have to be fair about it.

If both big cats appear in the dream at the same time, the (male) power of the tiger and the fearlessness of the leopard unite.

White and beautiful: an albino tiger as a dream symbol

A white tiger is a real rarity, at least in reality. In dreams it is much more likely that we dream of an albino of this species. In dream analysis, the white fur color represents female aspects and characteristics. Purity and innocence are often associated with white.

Applied to the tiger, the light fur indicates the tamed urges of the dreamer. The vulnerability that the white also symbolizes is offset by the strength of the big cat: a good balance is created between these two characteristics.

Dream symbol “tiger” – the general interpretation

The tiger symbolizes in the dream Primal instincts and shoots, which must be controlled so that they do not become overpowering. Here the dreamer has to become active and take up the fight with the tiger. If he doesn’t do it, he will be controlled and influenced more and more by his instincts.

A tiger attack warns of people with feelings of revenge and aggressions. If the dreamer can kill the tiger, then even these aggressive people will not be able to harm him. If the tiger is caught in a cage, it is a good sign that the dreamer can defeat his opponents.

But there is also a positive dream interpretation of the tiger. If the dream runs away from a calm tiger, then this dream image announces that the dream will overcome difficulties and obstacles in his professional career. A striped tiger skin is also a sign of prosperity and Success.

Dream symbol “tiger” – the psychological interpretation

As a predator, the tiger is associated with the instincts in the psychological interpretation of dreams. As a predator, however, his instincts are very impulsive and goal-oriented, which also applies to dreaming. If the tiger appears as a dream image, dream research interprets this as an indication that instinctual life of the dreamer in the waking world threatens to get out of control.

With the tiger both life force and Passion symbolized. However, these characteristics are always paired with aggressiveness. Therefore, the tiger in the dream world is always a warning of danger. If the tiger is tamed or in a cage, the urges will become controllable again.

Sometimes the dream tiger can also be a sign of a latent, hidden one Psychosis be. For this reason, this dream image should always be interpreted precisely.

As a cat, the tiger is a sign of the search for powerful love, especially in women’s dreams, sexuality as well as eroticism. However, this longing is also associated with some fear that the urges could become uncontrollable.

Dream symbol “tiger” – the spiritual interpretation

The tiger is used in spiritual interpretation as a symbol of… life force interpreted.

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