Throne – dream interpretation

A throne is the seat of a ruler. It is usually made of precious material and richly decorated. It is a symbol of prestige, power and authority. Already in ancient Greece, the throne was considered the seat of kings and gods.

Throne - dream interpretation

The Bible also speaks of God’s throne, as well as Solomon’s throne as its representative. According to his description, many royal residences were elaborately designed until the 20th century. The enthronement of a ruler is an important prerequisite for his legitimacy. Famous rulers’ chairs include the Aachen royal throne of Charlemagne, the dragon throne of the Chinese emperor and the jaguar throne of the Mayan princes.

A dream involving a throne is probably very impressive. It may be made of particularly fine material and artfully crafted. Perhaps the dreamer enjoys the splendor, but perhaps he also finds the seat intimidating. For the interpretation of the dream, it is important whether the dreamer is sitting on the throne himself or another person to whom he then has to look up.

Dream symbol “throne” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “throne” is, on the one hand, a sign of View and honor as well as for the trust that is placed in the dreamer.

On the other hand, it can also indicate that he wants more recognition in his real life. He should be careful not to alienate people close to him in his pursuit of this. Especially people who are rather reserved in real life can be affected by the sudden Ambition to maintain power, sometimes overstepping the mark.

Especially if you see yourself sitting on the throne in a dream, this is an indication that you believe you have a right to have your own authority recognized. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol then embodies a self-absorbed and haughty mental attitude.

If the dreamer has to climb down from the throne in the dream or if he doesn’t even get up, disappointed hopes are reflected in the dream symbol. This can also lead to concerns.

If you stand in front of the throne, this indicates in the dream interpretation that a discussion with a superior is pending. Maybe the dreamer has his goals set too high and now receives a rejection. If you see another person in the ruler’s chair in a dream, you may have already given up your claims to power and influence.

In dream interpretation, an unoccupied thorn represents the realization that the dreamer has what is expected of him expectations cannot fulfill. The dream symbol shows him how overwhelmed he is.

Dream symbol “throne” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “throne” expresses the inner attitudes of the dreamer as an insignia of authority and claim to power.

The royal seat is also a symbol of the position that the dreamer takes or wants to take in society or in his private environment. Ambitions and aspirations are expressed in dreams that are not consciously perceived in real life. These can result from the desire for self-determination.

In dream analysis, the image “throne” is also often an expression of glorification one’s own person. The subconscious confronts the dreamer with his repressed desire for power, which can possibly lead to the abuse of one’s own strength. Furthermore, when faced with a throne in a dream, one can also feel like a victim of a powerful person or authority. The dream symbol then points to feelings Inferiority and fainting.

Dream symbol “throne” – the spiritual interpretation

In a transcendent sense, the dream symbol “throne” symbolizes one in dream interpretation spiritual authority. This guides and supports the dreamer in his spiritual development.

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