Therapist – dream interpretation

A therapist is someone who can cure a wide variety of illnesses. The term comes from Greek and means “servant”, “attending” or “carer”. Professional titles such as psychotherapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist or music therapist are protected by law. Only someone who has passed the state exam can call themselves that.

In times of increasingly common burnout syndrome and stress symptoms even in childhood, therapists are in high demand. It is no longer taboo to seek the regular help of a therapist. In their therapeutic role, alternative practitioners are often a good point of contact for many people with chronic back problems or headaches.

Someone who dreams of a therapist may be happy to have found a professional who can help them with a problem. Maybe he is still looking for this person.

Therapist - dream interpretation

When interpreting dreams, it is important to distinguish between how the therapist appears in the dream.

Dream symbol “therapist” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “therapist” is a clear expression of the need for Self-acceptance and love. The dreamer is obviously working on understanding himself better and accepting himself as he is. When exchanging ideas with the therapist in the dream, the question arises as to the extent to which the dreamer is prepared to adapt to the demands of his or her environment. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol also indicates that the dreamer is Support and the help he wants will be received. He may have pushed himself too hard emotionally or physically and is now feeling the consequences. The therapist in the dream is a request not to ignore advice from experts.

If the therapist in the dream is such an important person that he determines the life of the dreamer far beyond his healing task, the dream symbol also stands for knowledge and Inspiration. The dreamer may want someone at his side with whose help he can face life with greater strength. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “therapist” embodies a form of self-knowledge and the practical use of experiences and one’s own intuition.

Dream symbol “therapist” – psychological interpretation

In psychological terms, the dream symbol “therapist” in dream interpretation is a symbol of the ability to internal conflicts to process. The dreamer unconsciously recognizes the connection between psychological processes and external actions. By putting these into a logical relationship in the dream, he can better understand his own behavior and change existing patterns of action.

The dream symbol “therapist” embodies an inner one control authority, which corrects undesirable behavior and reactions that are perceived as inappropriate. In dream interpretation, this dream is a help to gain more self-confidence through conscious experience of one’s own psyche. In dream interpretation, the therapist can also be an all-powerful person who is supposed to heal the dreamer’s sick soul and guide him spiritually. He unconsciously longs for one Figurative with appropriate authority. The dream symbol is then a cry for help and an expression of disorientation.

Dream symbol “therapist” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, when interpreting dreams, the therapist establishes the connection to the trans formative power within the dreamer on the one hand and to the divine on the other. The dream symbol symbolizes one innate wisdom which the dreamer should use to create a bond with the highest level of the spiritual world.

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