Theater hall – dream interpretation

A theater hall can be of an impressive size, equipped with comfortably upholstered seats and ideally with excellent acoustics so that even in the last row you can easily understand what is being said on stage.

Theater hall - dream interpretation

However, some venues are much more modest and make do with a small theater hall and much simpler seating. Usually the rows of seats slope towards the back so that you have a good view of the performance from everywhere. Nevertheless, you pay more for a seat in the front rows than for one in the back. In larger halls there is usually a higher gallery.

If you dream of a theater hall, the stage, which is illuminated by spotlights, may be the focus of the dream. However, the dreamer can also feel the atmosphere of the visitor hall itself, perhaps the darkness also bothers him. The position of the dreamer is important in dream interpretation. Is he sitting in the theater or is he standing on the stage himself and looking down into the audience?

Dream symbol “theater hall” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, a stage is a projection surface for the real world. The model shows life with all its joys and burdens, but personal wishes and ideas can also be examined and interpreted there.

Anyone who sits in a theater in a dream has the role of viewer, and so the dream symbol stands for the dreamer’s ability to view and analyze a situation. He’s probably a good one in real life listeners who can put their own concerns aside for this moment.

However, if you are standing on the stage in a dream and are in the focus of the audience in the theater, the dream symbol indicates a special situation in which you currently find yourself. The dreamer has to find his way around this situation and learn to deal with it.

The dream symbol “theater hall” can also be a reminder in dream interpretation less artificial to behave. Perhaps the dreamer tends to make a show out of everything and to show off in front of others in every situation.

Dream symbol “theater hall” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, a dream with the dream symbol “theater hall” offers a platform for the subconscious to present its own wishes and actual patterns of action in an abstracted form.

Especially when the dreamer is standing on the stage and is exposed to the gaze of the audience in the theater, this is a form in dream interpretation critical examination. The dreamer’s consciousness is confronted with hidden psychological content in the dream and must evaluate it. In addition, the dream symbol “theater hall” in dream interpretation can also indicate the need for more Attention express when the dreamer himself appears as an actor.

A crucial indication of the basic attitude to life of the dreaming can also be the type of play that the dreaming is watching while sitting in the theater. If a comedy takes place on the stage in a dream, the dream symbol in dream interpretation can indicate that the dreamer does not take many things seriously. If you often laugh at something that others consider to be extremely serious, this can lead to difficulties in social interactions.

If you see the performance of a tragedy in a dream, the theater hall in the dream interpretation can be a request not to dramatize things unnecessarily. A cabaret piece in a dream can indicate that the dreamer usually sees life from its cheerful side.

Dream symbol “theater hall” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, a play on a stage is, in dream interpretation, a microcosm, a true reflection of existence. The dream symbol “theater hall” shows how the dreamer has a comprehensive overview of the events from a distant perspective transcendent world receives.

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