Theater – dream interpretation

Theater has a very long tradition in our society. A long time ago, people were entertained and educated by the plays there. It still makes an important contribution to our culture today.

Theater hall - dream interpretation

But in addition to the great importance of theater in real life, it also happens that people dream about it. Either they find themselves in these dreams as actors on the stage, or they find themselves as spectators in the audience.

The interpretation of the theater as a dream symbol is very versatile. In order to be able to interpret it accurately, the exact circumstances and the context of the dream should always be taken into account.

Dream symbol “theater” – the general interpretation

According to general opinion, anyone who watches a play as a spectator in a dream should do so as a warning understand. The dream threatens to fall for the fraudulent intentions and deceitfulness of others. Maybe someone from his circle of acquaintances or friends is trying to deceive him.

He should therefore always be careful not to allow himself to be manipulated or become involved Directions he doesn’t actually want to go. Otherwise, he could also face financial losses. It is also important to look at certain situations objectively and not to indulge in any illusions. This could also lead to failure.

However, if you go to a play with friends in a dream and sit together in the theater, the symbol is evaluated more positively: In this case, the dreamer can rely on those around him. Various aspects of his private life will also develop according to his wishes and ideas. Anyone who sits further up on a gallery and watches the spectacle evaluates their everyday situations from the outside and thinks about their actions.

If you watch a comedy together and laugh a lot, the person concerned should try not to lose sight of their goals, even if everything is going well at the moment, and not just focus on that Enjoyment add. However, if you watch a dance event on the theater stage, such as a ballet piece, you should beware of deceitful people around you.

Dreams often occur in which the person affected takes part in a play as an actor. According to the general interpretation, this suggests that he is increasingly being observed and perhaps even judged by others in real life. Every step he takes will be followed critically by others in the near future. In addition, it could also difficulties in certain areas of life.

If you forget your text in the middle of the play and a prompter has to recite it, the type of piece is crucial for dream analysis: the genre in the dream provides information about which one area of ​​life the dreamer still has a lot to learn. For example, when watching a comedy, you should develop your own understanding of humor.

Dream symbol “theater” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the symbol “theater” is particularly important. It says a lot about your own life Self-image and the internal settings.

If the person concerned only watches a play in the dream, this can be an indication that in real life they do not behave hastily and carelessly, but rather first take a closer look at various situations, assess them and only then act. However, the type of piece and your own reaction to it in the dream should also be taken into account: These aspects can provide information about whether the person concerned behaves appropriately in everyday life.

If you take part in a play in your dream, you should take this as a sign from your subconscious that you may be overexerting yourself in real life adjusted, affected or unbelievable. It is important that he learns to always remain himself here.

If the dreamer is even the focus during the piece, this can also be an expression of his wish more attention be through his fellow human beings. If, on the other hand, he misses an assignment, he risks forgetting or overlooking something important in real life. His subconscious wants to draw his attention to this through the dream.

Dream symbol “theater” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the real world in which we live is a macrocosm. Through a dream about the theater the opposite becomes one microcosm symbolized.

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