Thailand – dream interpretation

The Kingdom of Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and borders the countries of Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. Almost 95 percent of the population are Buddhists, and the temples can be found all over the country. The capital is Bangkok with over 6 million inhabitants.

Thailand is one of the last places where the Asian elephant can live in freedom. The Thai people consider it a symbol of good luck and is almost like a national animal. The country’s landscape is characterized by a very long coastline, jungle and mountains. Thailand is an attractive holiday destination for western tourists. The island of Phuket is valued as a tropical holiday paradise with its white sandy beaches.

If someone dreams of Thailand, they may have a vacation trip coming up. The dreamer sees himself lying on the beach, enjoying a fruity cocktail. Perhaps the dream experience is so realistic that he feels the sun’s rays on his skin and feels a sense of relaxation. The circumstances of the dream are important for dream interpretation: Is it about relaxation or a sense of adventure, or are you perhaps looking for spiritual enlightenment in one of the numerous Buddhist temples?

Dream symbol “Thailand” – the general interpretation

Thailand is over 8,000 kilometers away from Germany. The greater the distance to a place, the more exotic it appears to us. The dream symbol “Thailand” therefore stands for secrets and surprises.

In dream interpretation, a dream about such a distant country can herald a change in the dreamer’s life, both positive and negative. Maybe he will too new pages Discover in yourself or in friends and acquaintances.

In addition, Thailand, as a part of Asia, is also a dream symbol of inscrutability and wisdom. The Buddhist religion is of particular importance in dream interpretation:

Who in a dream too Buddha prays, secretly desires to pour out his heart to a person, but doesn’t dare. If the dream sees a Buddha statue on his trip through Thailand, the dream symbol is a sign that one is being influenced and manipulated by a person without being able to defend oneself against it.

If the holiday is in the foreground in the dream about Thailand, this can be understood in the dream interpretation as an indication that the dream is urgent recreation needs. It may also be a memory of a vacation you once spent in an exotic place.

The dream symbol symbolizes the dreamer’s wish not to have to worry about anything and to simply enjoy his carefree existence. Another aspect in dream interpretation is the search for new ones Impressions. The dream symbol “Thailand” represents the need to expand your horizons. The dream can also express the desire for freedom and adventure.

Dream symbol “Thailand” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “Thailand” in dream interpretation is a sign of the need to become familiar with completely unknown and foreign circumstances to adapt. The dreamer may be in a situation that requires completely new behavior from him. His subconscious asks him to be flexible.

At the same time, the appearance of a stranger in a dream can represent the unknown, unperceived Personality parts of the dreaming. An Asian in a dream symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. The dream symbol “Thailand” points to hidden abilities that the dreamer was previously unaware of.

As a country influenced by Buddhism, Thailand as a dream symbol is a call to the dreamer to free themselves from Western-style thinking and the pursuit of material wealth. In dream interpretation it is an indication that the dreamer is in real life true self denies or threatens to lose.

The dream symbol “Thailand” represents the collective unconscious, wisdom, advice and help. If the dreamer in real life tends to put his work at the center of his life, the dream symbol can be a warning to allow himself some leisure time and relaxation the soul to Quiet comes. If you are currently dissatisfied with your life situation, the dream of a trip to Thailand is a symbol of escape in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “Thailand” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol Thailand can have different meanings depending on other symbols. In dream interpretation, Asia or Asians represent the wisdom of Far Eastern culture. The contact with Buddhism points to spiritual clarity hin.

If the emphasis of the dream is more on the holiday aspect, Thailand is a dream symbol for peace and relaxation as well as renewal of mental energy.

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