Terrace – dream interpretation

The term terrace contains the Latin word “terra” for earth. It therefore primarily refers to an open area at ground level on a house. However, in the sense of a large balcony or roof terrace, it can also be located on or on a house. A terrace represents a kind of transition between the private area and the public. It extends into the apartment, but at the same time the people on the terrace are visible to everyone.

If you dream that you are sitting on a terrace, you may be enjoying the view over the city or into a garden. The eye falls on the flower bed with its beautifully blooming dahlias, chrysanthemums and rose bushes. You may observe insects as they walk through the greenery, such as ants, woodlice, ladybirds or, in the evening, St. John’s beetles. Maybe the dreamer is having a party there or he is relaxing all alone. The surrounding circumstances are particularly important for the interpretation of this dream image.

Dream symbol “terrace” – the general interpretation

As a dream symbol, a terrace represents the Connection between nature and people. If the dreamer has a view of a garden from his place, according to dream analysis, this also expresses a need for security in the midst of tamed nature. The growth of plants in flower pots on and around the terrace symbolizes the development of new ideas.

In addition, a terrace is often a place where visitors are received, eaten or celebrated with them. The dream image can therefore also announce entertainment and fun. If the terrace is raised, you have a good one overview. In dream interpretation, this is a sign that now is a good time to put plans into action.

However, if you are on a terrace in a dream, you will also present yourself to the gaze of others. In this context, when interpreting dreams, the question arises as to how the dreamer presents himself. Maybe he wants to be conscious openness flaunt.

However, the dream symbol can also draw attention to the fact that the sleeping person would like to see themselves in a higher position. Maybe in real life she is currently working on an important career step. If the dreamer is below the terrace, this is an expression of excessive respect for others for dream analysis. The dream image warns you not to give in to other people’s demands for prestige.

The sun terrace of a ski hut can be a dream image that calls for more humility and modesty. Because then you will also be able to overcome difficult situations.

Dream symbol “terrace” – the psychological interpretation

Anyone who sits on a terrace in a dream wants to show part of their personality to the public. According to dream analysis, the dream symbol expresses the dreamer’s need for his fellow human beings to have certain characteristics and thoughts participate allow. However, the openness only exists in parts, because the sleeper determines what others see and what not.

If the terrace is an elevated place, on a building or on a slope, the dream image is an expression of the desire Power and control. In the dream, the subconscious tries to balance feelings of inferiority with the advantageous position.

Furthermore, the view from a terrace gives the viewer a certain distance to the world. The dream symbol symbolizes the personal distance that the dreamer maintains between his inner self and the external world. However, according to dream analysis, the fact that he looks at his surroundings suggests that he fundamentally wants contact.

If the terrace connects the house and the garden in the dream, the dream image represents a distinct one Need for harmony. The vegetation created by man is an image of paradise. The terrace offers dreamers relaxation and enjoyment in nature without its wild side, as well as the opportunity to retreat into the apartment. According to the understanding of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “terrace” also shows the desire to escape the real world.

Dream symbol “terrace” – the spiritual interpretation

Relaxing on a terrace in a dream is an almost paradisiacal state. According to the understanding of dream interpretation, the dream symbol expresses the spiritual competence and the spiritual progress of the dreamer.

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